What is Yoga Flirt?

Yoga Flirt reconciles the age old conflict of spiritual and sensual self. It is in the connection of these qualities (think peanut butter & chocolate!) that we are whole – whole women vitality, vibrantly and sensually alive.

Each Yoga Flirt class begins with a lesson on yogic wisdom to allow you connect in to your heart and spirit. This lesson is followed by a yoga inspired flow warm-up that continues the inward connection and begins the sensual and sexy discovery of yourself. Plus, Yoga Sutra 2.46 states: Asana (yoga pose) is a comfortable, steady posture. At Yoga Flirt, you will learn to be steady, comfortable and sexy on your mat and a pole!

Plus, Yoga Flirt is…

  • A killer workout! You will build strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and discover your beautiful body.
  • A unique mixture of yoga and pole dancing/pole fitness. The result is a balanced, fun way to exercise.
  • For women 18 years and older. No men, no nudity, no coarse language, and no “pros”, i.e. exotic dancers.
  • Safe. Our key concern is teaching poses, pole moves and dances safely.
  • Private. The shades are drawn, the doors locked, and no cameras or video or other recording devices allowed.

And also, Yoga Flirt IS:

  • For every day women looking for a fun, challenging, exciting way to workout.
  • Sensual and combines movement on the floor, wall and pole.
  • For students, career women, stay-at-home wives/mothers, single women, married women, women just like you.

Yoga Flirt is NOT:

  • Like any other pole fitness studio. As far as we know we are the only studio that combines yogic wisdom with pole fitness, and thus even experienced students new to Yoga Flirt must begin at Level 1 to fully immerse themselves in this unique approach to the practice.
  • Part of the competition circuit. Our instructors do not compete and the vast majority of our students do not compete or have any interest developing skills at the competitive level.
  • Students seeking to join the competition circuit are applauded, admired and encouraged to seek professional, experienced, qualified instruction elsewhere.

The Result

  • You will experience a true mind, body, emotion connection.
  • You will radiate self-confidence and walk taller.
  • You will strengthen your core and upper body.
  • You will smile when you look in the mirror.
  • People will notice all these changes and wonder what you’re doing differently.
    The answer: Yoga Flirt!


The Missing Piece

Yoga Flirt uses the wisdom of yoga not found in other pole dancing/pole fitness classes to create physical and energetic balance in the body. You will learn all floor and pole moves on the left and right side to balance strength and flexibility. The energetic highs of flying around the pole are evened out with calming, centering floor work.

You’ll leave class feeling both energized and excited as well as steady and centered.