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Dec 03, 2012

“The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff. It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel.” ~Abraham-Hicks

After participating in the 30 days of gratitude challenge for the last two years, one thing I know for sure is that I have cultivated an attitude of gratitude every day, not just during the month of November. I also know that what we choose to focus our attention on grows greater and shows up more in our lives. I find so many things to be grateful for I could list several every single day of the year.

I also loved watching my Facebook news feed light up with the gratitude of others and others. So many wonderful women told me that once they began the gratitude challenge others in their news feed felt inspired to do the same. And so gratitude naturally spread out into the world.

Many women I know were a bit sad to see the end of the challenge. My guess is that it felt like turning attention away from something that feels so good, so right and that only brings more of the same into our life experiences. Why would we choose to turn away from what feels good? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

This is why I decided to challenge myself to A Month of Joy. Every day during the month of December I am choosing to notice and post on my Facebook page something that brings me joy.A Month of Joy It is a new focus for me…feeling good about the wonderful, everyday happenings in life that light up my heart, put a smile on my face and leave me feeling warm on the inside. And I’m really, really, really excited about it. defines joy as “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying”. I feel like this is a different kind of attention than gratitude for me. With gratitude I can find something to appreciate about both wonderful and difficult situations.

Choosing joy is purposefully feeling the delight of things that are good. Period. Not finding the lesson, not seeing the value of a difficult moment or day. Just feeling good to feel good. Seeing joy simply to see joy.

And BAM! The more I feel joy, the more joy flows into my life. This is so fun! I love this experience! You can have the same experience right now, by joining me in A Month of Joy.

I started my Month of Joy before I had a chance to post this blog and invite you to join me and I have to tell you, right away I noticed how powerful this purposeful focusing of attention is. As I went to bed after the first night, I lay there with a smile on my face, thinking back over the day and all the things that brought me joy and wondering which one I would choose to share. It felt great. I also woke up with that same great, eager feeling. What joyful experience will this new day bring to me? What do I get to share with you today? How will joy manifest and unfold throughout this month?

A Month of Joy is very easy. Each day this month, starting today, simply post on Facebook, Twitter, or any other site you choose something that recently created a feeling of joy within you. (Or you may write your experiences down in a journal just for yourself.) Tell us about something that warmed your heart, made you smile or giggle, that dropped you into the fullness and wonderfulness of the present moment. Then be prepared for more and more of it to flow into your life.

Invite joy and success into your life and the lives of others throughout the holidays and into the new year. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your Month of Joy experience. Leave a comment below and tell us about the joy in your life.

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  1. Cathy: I read this post and it kept coming up in my thoughts. I wasn’t doing it publicly on social media – but many days I’d reflect on something that made me feel joy. Often as I’m experiencing whatever it was. It’s been really nice. (FYI: Today it was a heavenly warm cup of Starbuck’s cocoa mix after dinner.)

    So…I wanted to share how I’m planning on adapting and morphing this idea to my home life with you!

    My husband’s birthday is coming up. He is as un-material as they come. Previous years I’d find something he “needed” and I’d research to find the best of the best. I’d be so giddy – I couldn’t wait for him to open the gift I selected!

    But…when the big day came he’d open it. He say thank you of course. But, I didn’t get the response I was hoping: no excitement. He never lit up.

    You see, he doesn’t get the same thrill for things and surprises and gifts that I do. We’re quite different in that aspect.

    So I’ve been struggling to figure out a present for his birthday (and also Christmas) as I do every year now. Then I remembered how one of his favorite “gifts” from me was an extremely corny Valentine’s day card I made before we were married. (I’m talking red construction paper corny – it was AWESOME!)

    Okay, back to the original topic: I want to start a journal for him. Every day for one year I want to record one thing that my husband did that gave me joy. (And some context surrounding “it” when applicable so we can recall what happened later.)

    While it won’t help me in my “What to get El Hubs” quest for next week, the following year it’ll be something I’m quite positive he’ll treasure and appreciate. He might not be material, but he is a big sap.

    Some days it may be as simple as “You said good-night and ‘love you’ before bed.”. It might be “you emptied the trash for all of us today.” But it’s my way to show him that he brings me joy – and I NOTICE what he does do for me.

    So simply – thank you for the idea! I’m really excited about this project. Realistically, I’m not sure if I’ll cover all 365 days perfectly — but I’m going to try, darn it! And I’ll carry on if I accidentally miss one (or two) days.

  2. That is so great, Lisa! i did something similar for the first year my hubby and I dated. I included notes like you mentioned, and also pictures, ticket stubs (even from movies), dried flowers from the first flowers he gave me, etc. etc. Have fun with it, your hubby will treasure your thoughtfulness. xo, Cathy

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