Yoga Flirt=Better Sex!

May 23, 2011

Yes, it is true that women taking Yoga Flirt classes have better sex and there is no need to hide or keep this fact a secret. There are three main ways that Yoga Flirt contributes to a better sex life. The first is probably what most consider the most obvious. The second, may be less obvious but more important. And the third is the least obvious of them all but actually the most important.

The most immediate and obvious reason that comes to people’s mind about pole dancing meaning better sex is that it turns men on. This is true, but not in a trashy or vulgar strip club sort of way. Many Flirts do not demonstrate the pole moves they’ve been taught because they don’t have a pole at home and they are still able to arouse their men. Here’s what works for the men: they are visually aroused and there are movements and shapes we teach that the majority of men find arousing. Simply showing a few of these moves is often enough to turn a man on and get him ready for sex.

However, what most men tell me moves on to reason #2 why Yoga Flirt means better sex for them and their partner. A man in a healthy, loving relationship is aroused by his woman feeling comfortable and confident in her body, which he loves, showing him her moves. He doesn’t want to see other women in this light. He wants to see you expressing your beauty and then, ta-da!, off to bed you go.

Yoga Flirt teaches women though yogic philosophy and the physical practice how to feel sexy, how to embrace their own unique beauty, how to feel confident and how to be erotic and sensual at any shape, size, or age. When you feel this way, as Yoga Flirt works it’s magic, off you’ll go for a satisfying romp in the bedroom.

The third reason why Yoga Flirt contributes to a better sex life is the most important of all, but perhaps least understood to be so valuable in most couples. It has everything to do with the nervous system. Our autonomic nervous system takes care of things for you such as heart beat, digestion, etc. It is broken into two response systems. The sympathetic nervous system takes our bodies into fight or flight mode in response to perceived danger. Modern society has created false conditions that make most of us feel under constant attack – the mortgage is due every month, exams at the end of the quarter, emails and texts need attention – we are under a constant state of stress. When the sympathetic nervous system is alerted due to a feeling of being unsafe heart rate and blood pressure increase, the lungs relax to prepare for screaming, blood sugar increases to prepare for muscles for extra usage, digestion and reproduction shut down.

Take note of the last part of the sympathetic response. When our bodies feel threatened, digestion and reproduction shut down. Since so many of us are engaged in a cycle of stress, of not feeling safe and needing to “take care of things”, our bodies need for reproduction is disengaged and we are not “in the mood.”

Conversely, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over when we feel safe and relaxed. Often referred to as the state of “rest and digest”. When the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged our heart rate lowers, our muscles relax, our breath settles down, and the body is capable of reproduction. I like to think of this state as rest, digest AND sex.

One of the easiest ways to stimulate and “turn-on” the parasympathetic response is with deep breath. All Yoga Flirt classes begin with connecting to deeper breath. We also include movements in the physical body that release tension around the base of the head and neck and sacrum, the two areas where the nerves of the parasympathetic nervous system originate. When we release gripping and tightness in these areas we are more able to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, an over-all healthier state for our bodies to be in the majority of the time.

So, on a physiological level, Yoga Flirt is preparing your body for sex and reproduction. (I have been told some babies have been conceived thanks to Yoga Flirt!) Nature has provided for us to not only reproduce, but also for sex to be pleasurable. It is also a fact that regular, quality sex in a healthy, loving relationship contributes to a longer and more vibrant life. How great is it that Yoga Flirt can help you not only become more grounded in your authentic self, no only become stronger, more graceful, more confident, but also helps create a more satisfying sex life?

I think it is amazing, that we as women are so fortunate to be able to move into this space when it is appropriate, and that better sex is a true gift!

Has Yoga Flirt contributed to improving your relationship or sex life? Please don’t be shy and share with us…please be tasteful in sharing your thoughts. Guys, chime in too….I’m sure the ladies will appreciate your point of view!

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