Yoga Flirt is for Sale!

Jul 01, 2015

Dear Flirt Sister,
I love you. I love you so much. And I love Yoga Flirt. And I love myself.

Part of my intention for 2015 is to be fully myself. My dharma, or purpose in life, is to courageously teach, learn, inspire and love. To be fully myself, my life needs to incorporate all four of those aspects.

As much as I love Yoga Flirt, it no longer allows me to reach my personal goals and to teach to the fullest potential with my unique gifts.

I know, you’re thinking, but you teach us every week. Yes, but not in the way that allows me to fully shine.

Here’s what is magical and unique about the way I teach, whether it’s a first grader learning to read and write, a woman learning to pole dance, or a yogini yearning to touch her toes, I see where a person is at and know exactly what step to take next to move them forward. Little by little, over time, astounding progress is made.

I sort of turn my thinking brain off and allow the wisdom to flow from my higher Self. My teachings are purely present moment, fully aware of the end goal, yet creating the exact step needed now without worrying about what the next step will be.

It is 100% engaging and fulfilling to me when this happens. This is how my most magical teaching has always unfolded and I love it love it love it. I am so enthralled in the process, how I always get to the end result even though I am only focused on the current step and have no idea what the next step will be. The teachings always unfold perfectly. I don’t know how I do it, only that I do. It is my unique gift just as others are born to sing, build, write, account…

Let me share with you the story of how Yoga Flirt evolved. In Jan. 2009 all I knew was the title and focus of Levels 1-5. Each week was brand new, every Monday a new class to teach. With a group called the Original Yoga Flirts, the program was created one week at a time.

For example, I knew we were learning about ahimsa and I knew it was tee-peel week. I arrived in class knowing this and then the lesson, what I said, naturally came out. I allowed wisdom to flow to me and through me, the exact perfect message being formed. Then I would go home and write down what I said. These became the lessons that all Flirts learn today.

The same goes for the movement, though I would plan these in advance, often on Monday afternoon before class. I would be aware of what was taught the week before, how the students did, what was potentially coming later and viola, each week’s moves were born. I had no clue that the Level 1 knee tucks would turn into Level 2 leg prances would turn into Level 3 inversions. Yet there it is, Divinely unfolded in a perfect path that makes so much sense it appears to have been pre-planned.

Everything from the playlists to the warm-ups to the extra workshops all came to be in this manner. I was fully absorbed and engaged, able to bring my teaching gift fully to each and every week. That went on for years. Just think, everything from Level 1 to Levels E7 and 7 came about one week at a time. Each new lesson, each group of moves, all unfolding along with the present needs of the women in what I think of as the ‘lead class”, that Monday night 7:30 time slot where everything you experience now has been created.

Now, in 2015, Yoga Flirt is complete. For a while I have felt that the program is perfect, successful and needs no new additions. Where Yoga Flirt is concerned, my teaching is no longer being used to its fullest potential.

It is being used in my small group yoga classes and even more in my private yoga teaching. Especially with privates each week, I focus on that particular woman, her needs and goals and create exactly what she needs now to take her where she wants to go. I love it. I’m in it. Engaged and enthralled, focused and satisfied. The teachings flow to me and through me . This is where I am fully myself with the teaching aspect of my dharma.

What I do know for sure: one day or one lesson at a time my students feel better. They are a little stronger. A little calmer. A little more flexible. A little closer to being fully themselves. And I feel vibrant, alive, and fulfilled.

Therefore, it is with great joy and excitement that Yoga Flirt is for sale, so that I can be fully myself in my teaching of yoga.

This sale is a rare opportunity for the perfect person to take the helm of this one-of-a-kind business and concept and bring it more fully to the women, like you, who need it so much. Yoga Flirt has the potential to be an owner operated chain or to become a franchise, along with filling the much needed void of downloadable or streaming content and mobile app.

It would be exciting to see a group of Flirts band together and divide their best skills to get Yoga Flirt out of our little town and into the rest of the country.

I know the right buyer is there and that there is great abundance awaiting her.

I know this news is going to create quite a stir in our magical sisterhood. I’m happy to talk with you if you are desiring. However, in regard to the sale, serious inquires only please.

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