Why Yoga Flirt has a secret theme song….And I’m going to share it with you

Dec 30, 2013

I was in high school in the late 80’s. Though I was a cheerleader I wasn’t at all popular and had few friends. It was normal for me to be called shy, stuck-up, “she just thinks she’s better than everyone”, etc.

I spent most of those years feeling lonely, left out, or not acting like myself in attempt to fit in. I didn’t get invited to parties or dances or the after-football snacks at Bob’s or pretty much anything. (I know now I’m a introvert living in a society that places greater value on extroversion. Here’s a great read on the subject if you’re interested.)

The TV show Cheers was at the height of it’s popularity during that time. I didn’t really like the show but every week I would wait for it to come on, eager that they would play the theme song in it’s entirety. I often cried when I heard that song and it can still get me misty-eyed.

My soul longed for a place like that, where everyone knew my name and was glad I came because I sure didn’t feel that way at all. Ever.

Well, that was 25 years ago and I have long since become comfortable with who I am and value myself and the amazing things that come along with being an introvert. The “left out” feeling no longer pervades my soul.

But two very important things are worth noting:

The joy of being a part of our community.

The joy of being a part of our community.

1. Without plan or forethought from me (and quite delightedly so), Yoga Flirt has turned into a place just like Cheers. It really is a place where everyone knows your name and if they don’t they are going to introduce themselves and get to know you.

We are always glad you came.

We welcome all women for who they are AS they are. No one tries to make the introverts talk more or the extroverts to “quiet down”. We admire you for surviving life’s challenges and celebrate you during life’s successes. We think your career choice (or lack there of) is really cool and interesting. We honor where you are on your unique life path and journey and don’t try to fix or change it for you. We also have plenty of wisdom to share if you’re seeking that out.

Know this for sure, every time you walk into the studio we are so glad you came. And if you are a part of our virtual community, unable to come into the studio for any reason, we are so glad you are with us in spirit.

2. The Universe is conspiring to make you happy. The Universe will full-fill the longings of your soul. Sometimes almost instantaneously and sometimes it takes 25 years, but your desires will be met.

You simply have to allow yourself to feel what it is you desire, launch those feeling out into the Universe and then allow life to unfold in all it’s exciting, mysterious and wonderful ways. There were countless experiences I needed to have before Yoga Flirt could come into being and I can see now how each of those experiences led me to create a place that full-filled a long-since forgotten desire. And even more joyful than that, it is a place for all women to feel welcome and to experience a true sense of knowing that just by showing up you have contributed greatly to our warm community.

Everybody knows your name…and we’re always glad you came.

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