What happened to the Word of the Month?

Dec 05, 2013

The real question is: What happened during the word of the month?

I admit I delayed in getting around to writing about the word of the month and completely skipped November, which I’m hoping was pretty obviously gratitude, right back where we (or at least I) started.

I went quiet for two reasons. First of all, I’m an introvert which means sometimes I need to be with myself chewing on thoughts and ideas before I’m ready to talk about them. Which is great because it leads to the second reason, which is what I was doing.Red Christmas gift box and baubles on background of defocused golden lights.

There is a word in Sanskrit, Svadhyaya, which breaks down into ‘self’ and ‘study’ or ‘education’. I love this quote from Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar:

The person practising [sic] svadhyaya reads his own book of life, at the same time that he writes and revises it. There is a change in his outlook on life.

As a part of Niyamas, or second limb of the eight limbs of a yoga practice I was basically taking the time to study myself or self-reflect on each of the words, how each month went and to ask myself, “Now what?”

I came up with three main categories of how each word/month went or how it affected me.

1. Natural, these were ways of being that I have adopted and practiced for so long they were easy. I felt their true impact deeper on the months I was really focused on them even though they are infused in my day to day living.

Gratitude (November)
Intention (January)
Appreciation (June)
Passion (October)

2. I’m getting better and better at these. These ones were new as a purposeful focus so they required a bit more deliberate awareness and practice and looking back I could see how they were already in my life and growing stronger.

Fearless (March)
Listen (May)
Compassion (July)
Understanding (August)

2.5. Special category for

Love (February), I am constantly softening my heart and opening to all the kinds of love there are in the world and allowing myself to let love shine out of me into the world.

3. Biggest positive impact in my day-to-day life. These two were like WOW! to me. Choosing on purpose to be sure every day had some of this in my life made those months feel like the best months ever to me.

Joy (December)
Fun (April)

My answer to the “Now what?” question is that I want more of the WOW! out of life. I’m setting an intention for 2014 that includes as much joy and fun as possible. I’m going to mess this quote up a bit, but it goes something like “My destiny is joy.” There is another one, “The purpose of life is joy.”

I couldn’t agree more – the month of joy felt the best and it is my desire to feel the best I can out of life each day. The word of the month experiment left me really excited for the upcoming year and years to come beyond that.

December is the perfect time for us all to go inside, spend some time in svadhyaya and then move with clear intention, purpose and desire into the new year.

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