The Dis-Comfort Zone

Jul 18, 2011

We are all very familiar with the comfort zone, places in our lives where we shine, experience ease, freedom and even joy. For me teaching and practicing yoga and pole fitness are completely in my comfort zone. I love learning new, pretzel-y, balance-y yoga poses and challenging pole moves like the Holly Drop. I know, however, for most women learning to pole dance and especially the more challenging moves takes them into their dis-comfort zone. The great news is, I am here to help women just like you turn this dis-comfort zone into a comfort zone.


Comfort zone!

I have a new dis-comfort zone these days. It’s name is Twitter. Just in the last few days I’ve dipped my toes into this amazing way to connect with people all over the world who have similar interests and passions that I would have probably never met. But every time I log on, I get a little freaked out! Twitter has it’s own language and etiquette that completely mystifies me. I’m sure I’ve already done something annoying, silly or just down-right wrong over there already.

Dis-Comfort zone!

Here’s what I’m doing about this new dis-comfort zone. I’m diving in anyway. It is uncomfortable AND I am learning how. I did something very unusual for me and I reached out to the only two people I know personally that use Twitter and I asked them for help. Guess what? They both said yes! It took courage for me to admit that I couldn’t just figure it out for myself and it took compassion on their part to be kind and helpful to me.

I am so very grateful that there are people in this world for whom technology and computers is their comfort zone. And I am soooooo grateful that when I reached out they were there to help me learn. Right now, Twitter is my dis-comfort zone. It frustrates me, I feel clumsy, awkward and unsure. AND I am doing it anyway. I am learning how so that one day I will have these new skills and it will be a new comfort zone.

I also know that once Twitter becomes a comfort zone, something new will come along and be my new dis-comfort zone. So I’m just hanging out in this uncomfortable place, giving myself the space and time I need to get better at it. No need to rush through only to find a new challenge on the other side.

My experience with Twitter reminds me to have compassion and to teach kindly and with love the skills I am comfortable with, knowing that others may feel about pole dancing the way I feel about Twitter. It has also taught me to joyously celebrate that others are skilled in my dis-comfort areas and that they have something valuable to teach me. This sharing, teaching and learning is what makes our world and our lives so valuable. The more we reach out to others willingly, the more we know we are not alone, and the more we share our skills, we find that we are in this life together, we all have something valuable to give and we can celebrate each others’ strengths and lend a hand and some love in each others’ challenges.

Share with us! What is causing you to be in the dis-comfort zone these days? Who are you reaching out to for help?

“There is no better than here. When your ‘there’ has become a ‘here’, you will simply obtain another ‘there’ that will again look better than ‘here’.”

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