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Feb 02, 2012

It is so incredible when you simply release an intention out into the Universe and it comes back to you greater and more magnificent and easier than you ever could have thought.

On Tuesday I shared with you that I was trusting that a place for me to stay during my teacher training would manifest soon, I wouldn’t need to force it to happen (the old me would have done that), and that it would be better and more perfect than what I was imagining.

Just a few hours after I posted that blog, that is exactly what happened! Here’s a quick synopsis:

Monday, 7pm: tired, frustrated, no place to stay Tuesday night. Decided to post on Facebook (for the third time) that I needed a room to stay in Tuesday night. Truly had no hope or expectation that someone would reply. Just figured that was the worst that could happen but something inside me said to post anyway.

Tuesday, 7:30am: see that former co-worker whom I haven’t spoken to in person for 4 1/2 years asks “Is Calabasas too far?”

7:31am: message her back, “No, I would love to stay with you, call me!” She’s a school teacher, so I’m thinking I probably won’t hear back from her in time.

mid-morning: spend at least an hour trying to find a room or hotel in my budget that is in a decent area and not too far from training

: reserve a room at Econo-Lodge, just in case

: decided to let it all go and practice Yoga Flirt

1:16: phone call from former co-worker! (yes, she was at school and called anyway) invited me to stay the night

Tuesday, 7pm: arrive at my hostess’ home. We chat. Turns out her niece just moved out of the second bedroom, fully furnished with it’s own bath. I ask if she is going to get someone else. She doesn’t know but is frustrated at changes in the way her paycheck is done which leaves her short each month. I ask, “Do you want X amount of dollars for the next 6 months?” She says, “What?? That is exactly what my niece was paying and how much I’m short each month. YES!”

Less than 24 hours after releasing my intention into the Universe I had a better arrangement than I could have hoped for.

I have a furnished room, my own bathroom, no lease to worry about (almost impossible to find a place that will agree to only 6 months), someone I know and trust to stay with, a pool (JOY!), a darling pug to cuddle with, and a location that works with the 3 different training locations. It truly feels like home-away-from-home. Sooooo much more, sooooo much better, and it feels absolutely right and perfect.

I have the deepest gratitude for all the things that conspired to make it happen, which included a lot of closed doors!

This experience teaches me that surrender and trust really work. That sending out intentions and not forcing outcomes works. And that these are worthy things to practice. Give it a try yourself and see what happens….

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  1. :) Thanks!

  2. That is amazing! I am always surprised how things work themselves out.

  3. yay! happy dance! :)

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