Sexy is a State of Mind

Sep 11, 2012

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. Confident not just in her physical body, but also confident about her values, opinions and beliefs.

A woman becomes truly sexy when she expresses her intellect in a way that is both truthful and non-harming to others.

As election season kicks into high gear, we have a greater tendency to be exposed to others’ opinions via multiple media sources. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to express their opinions in way that elevates the political process in a positive manner through both truth and kindness.

As yoginis, we can begin to create positive change in our environments simply by bringing some care and thought into how we express our personal beliefs around politics or any topic.

Follow this simple format for sexy, smart communication:

T – is what you’re saying true?
H – is what you’re saying helpful?
I – is what you’re saying inspiring?
N – is what you’re saying necessary?
K – is what you’re saying kind?

Taking the time to T.H.I.N.K. before you speak, ‘like’, comment or ‘share’ can bring positive change into the world and encourages those around you to do the same.

Show your sexy side – show the world your mind.

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