Seeds, Growth, & Gratitude

Nov 15, 2010

The Universe is constantly planting seeds inside of us. A few things can happen when a seed gets planted in your soul. For me when this happens, I have a very strong feeling of “I have to do that”. What happens next is up to me, I have choices about what I can do with the little seed.

One thing I can do is ignore it. In that case it either shrivels up and dies or just sits there waiting for me to cultivate it. The other choice is to go ahead and cultivate it. That’s what happened to a little seed that has grown into Yoga Flirt.

You can read the story of how and when the seed was first planted here. This story is about the cultivation, what it takes to make something grow from the first glimmer of intuition that says “do this”.

Cultivation of anything requires constant attention. I took pole fitness classes every week without fail for two years in the Los Angeles area. It required me to drive 45 minutes in LA traffic and be out late on work nights. But I just knew I had to stick with it, but definitely didn’t know why. I practiced at home when I had the time and energy. There was no such thing as You Tube back then, so I just practiced what I was taught.

When we left LA for the Central Coast, I opened a traditional yoga studio with the thought that one day we might add a few pole fitness classes, but thought it would be tough on the Central Coast and that yoga would be more readily accepted. For a while my now sapling of pole fitness went on hold. I missed taking care of that part of me, but was busy growing the traditional side of my yoga and learning how to have my own business. Again, from our story you know that I excitedly welcomed a pole fitness workshop into my yoga studio which was met with resounding enthusiasm for more. When I wondered what to call it, Yoga Flirt immediately jumped into my mind and I knew that was it.

During 2009 I went from offering 2 classes per week to 14 students to slowing offering more Yoga Flirt classes than traditional yoga classes. By 2010 we had sold the traditional yoga part of the business and changed our focus to solely offering Yoga Flirt. It took much time and effort to change the focus of the business, create the curriculum (another seed planted by the Universe that took much care on my part to create a sequential, mindful, safe, and successful experience for our students), train instructors, and further my own pole skills and practice to meet the growing skills of our students. I had to and still do practice several times a week on my own to be able to teach our Level 6 and Level 7 the moves they are ready for. AND, we opened a second location.

2010 was just the second year of Yoga Flirt. I often spend 6 or 7 days a week and much of my energy on cultivating and growing Yoga Flirt so that it can thrive. To me right now it is a strong, young tree. It still requires much care, tons of love, and attention. I do so happily. I have nothing but joy and excitement for Yoga Flirt, for the hundreds of women who’s lives we have touched, and am eagerly watching it grow into something mature and awe inspiring.

Last week Happy Hubby and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary, which means that the original seed for Yoga Flirt was planted exactly seven years ago. I can’t wait to see what grows from that little seed in the next seven years!

Most importantly, I have nothing but gratitude for Oprah and her staff for the seed they planted in my heart seven years ago. I also have gratitude for Happy Hubby for encouraging me to take the time to grow my practice and all of his help and the behind the scenes efforts he also puts into Yoga Flirt. I am also grateful for my own courage, dedication and commitment. I celebrate each and every person who has offered something that has helped Yoga Flirt come alive.

What seeds are inside your own heart awaiting cultivation? Can see you places in your life where you did take the time to cultivate something? Or places where you chose not to?

“One thing at a time, and all things in succession. That which grows slowly endures.”

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  1. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. –Eleanor Roosevelt

    The seeds in my heart are in no particular order: adopting or fostering a child, working with animals to take care of them, working and fighting for justice and equal rights (specifically in the gay community), and creating traditions with my new family (food in particular).

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