Permission to do what?!

Mar 08, 2011

There is a lot of jargon in the air these days about finding your authentic self, living your life’s purpose, living your best life, living in the present moment. First, I totally agree with these sentiments. Second, I agree they can be vague, confusing and even frustrating when you’re trying to do these things and have no clue how to do them.

The path to your authentic self is one based fully on permission. It is the self permission to be brave enough to do things you can’t explain. Things you can’t explain to yourself let alone to others. These things bubble up from your heart or your belly, you know you must do them or there is great desire to do them, and you have no clue why. It doesn’t even make sense.

When I first saw pole fitness on Oprah, I knew I had to take classes but of course self-doubt, the notion that “that would be weird” crept in. I decided to go the “safe” route and sign up for an intro class even though my inner being was screaming to sign up for the series classes. My very human brain was defeating my soul with things like, “it’s too expensive” (classes at that time cost twice as much as Yoga Flirt!), “it’s too far away”, and “no one will understand or they’ll think I’m trashy”.

On the day of my intro I nervously drove to the studio. The moment I walked in the feeling of having to be there overwhelmed me. I went right to the desk and signed up for class without even have done the intro yet! That did not make any sense to me but I did it.

At that time being a yoga instructor was not really on my radar though I thought I might one day, owning a yoga studio NEVER was on my radar, and creating Yoga Flirt was not something I could have imagined in my craziest dreams. And yet if you ask me now what my life’s purpose is, I can say without a doubt it is Yoga Flirt. Yoga Flirt is the most accurate expression of me serving the world: I get to teach – which is my true gift- I get to be passionate about yoga, which I have been since I first stepped onto a mat 15 years ago, and I have the most amazing opportunity to watch hundreds of women learn to embody their femininity.

All of these wonderful moments of doing things that didn’t make sense led me to moment of living my life’s purpose in an authentic manner. It takes great amounts of courage to give yourself permission to do things that don’t make sense right now. It takes a HUGE amount of trust to follow your deepest, truest feelings. However, trusting those feelings and giving yourself permission to follow them on whatever crazy, unexpected path they take you on is how you live your best life, how you live authentically and how you discover your life’s purpose.

“Dare to do what you ‘gotta do’, even it you can’t explain it.” ~Erich Schiffman

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  1. I am currently allowing myself to have a drink… God Forbid I get out of my original state of mind to enjoy what could be my true feelings in life at the present moment… 4 years of childcare of my own children.. I currently am the care except my husband to help with ,my kids when we both need a break, he is the man i married to give me a break when he knows I need it the most. I took yoga knowing it was was a lot of money but its my break from life….. still contemplating my original idea of writing i feel crazy sometimes, I lost my mom 11 months ago today… and it is the biggest rock in my thoat I’m Free when I am in class i don’t have any regets to enjoy myself and feel like a person in society again…

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