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May 17, 2011

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to take a yoga class at a local studio. This in and of itself is a rare treat for me. I usually practice both yoga and pole at home because my daily schedule conflicts with classes offered at most studios. I enjoy my home practice and it keeps me in tune with myself, but to get to turn my brain off completely and allow another instructor to make the decisions is delicacy I adore these days.

When I arrived at the studio the instructor came up and introduced herself. She was kind and polite. Then I went into the room where we would be practicing and there were 8 or 9 students there. A few glanced up in my direction, but no one smiled, said hi, introduced themselves or made sure I had a comfortable amount of space for my mat. I felt a little bit like I had intruded or wasn’t wanted there because no one knew me. I definitely did not feel welcome to the community of students and didn’t have the desire to return.

In contrast, when anyone arrives at a Yoga Flirt studio they are welcomed by not only their instructor but also by their classmates. Eyes light up with joy at seeing one another and the room is full of chatter, hugs and smiles. If students haven’t met before they introduce themselves and get to know one another. Everyone is willing to move her mat a bit to be sure there is enough room for all in the circle.

It makes me proud and lights up my heart to know that Yoga Flirt truly is a warm community of women who accept one another for who you are as you are. It’s a lot like the theme song to Cheers – the place where everyone knows your name and they’re always glad you came. I always look forward to coming to class and one of the biggest reasons is how welcoming, how warm, how loving and supportive each and every woman is.

I just have to say it, Yoga Flirt women rock! and I love you all!! xo, Cathy

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  1. I agree completely!!! I love you and all of my fellow flirt classmates!

  2. I know that feeling. It happened to me at another studio. The reason your classes are full is because you embrace all your students with equality and acceptance.
    If I can’t make it to class, I feel ‘down’. So glad to be a part of the YF community!

  3. We’re glad you’re a Flirt, too! xo, Cathy

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