OMG FB is YELLING at me!

Jun 18, 2014

Do you ever feel like Facebook in down right yelling at you? Sometimes I do. As a yogi and someone who is passionate about health, fitness, and wellness I have plenty of friends who share similar interests. And some days it feels like everyone is simply screaming – Do this! Try this! MY way is the way to fitness! This is the ONLY way to be healthy! Take THIS class! Quick Fix!! No quick fix!!! This diet plan! NO diet plan.

Traditional and Flirt... 2 paths to the same destination.

Traditional and Flirt…
2 paths to the same destination.

You get the point. Here is something I would love for you to just consider, you don’t even have to agree with me but please take a moment to think about this concept:
There is no one path to wellness. There are as many ways to health, fitness and well being as there are people on the planet. We each have unique constitutions and therefore unique paths to take care of ourselves.

One thing that I know for sure is that true health/fitness/wellness is comprised of more than a tight, high ass, six pack abs and ripped arms. You can be super physically fit, thin with hardly any body fat and still be miserable. Trust me – I know this from experience. Once upon a time I was almost 20 pounds lighter than I am today, size 0 was sometimes too big and I was the most unhappy I’d ever been in my life.

Health and wellness considers not just your physical body but also your mind and Spirit.

If your body is in great shape but you still feel hollow, unhappy or simply like something is missing in your life or like something just isn’t quite right, try yoga. Yoga does do wonders for your body – ever hear of “yoga butt”? And it teaches you how to soothe your mind, heal your Spirit and re-direct the parts of your life that need a course correction.

Nutrition is another hot topic these days, everyone yelling out in digital space eat this, don’t eat that, this food is horrible for you, and so on. What you ingest, both food and drink, is only one type of nutrition. Yoga, over time, teaches you how to fully and properly nourish your body.

The body needs to take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide to nourish it’s cells. Yoga, through a practice called pranayama, teaches you how to breathe in such a way that your cells are nourished and your mind brightened.

The people your spend the most time with can nourish your soul or Spirit (or deplete it). Yoga teaches you how to self-lovingly discriminate who to invest your time with.

The music you listen to and the media you watch/consume affect the vibration of your cells. Yoga is an opportunity to be in a space that allows those vibrations to settle and shows you how to be aware of how your media choices make you feel.

If you find you don’t feel complete, fit, whole, well and usually calm, peaceful and joyful or happy please consider taking yoga with me or another instructor that resonates with you. My long time dedication to the practice – 18 years as a student and 8 years of teaching and my consistent openness to learning can begin to illuminate for you a fuller path towards true, complete health and fitness. Both traditional yoga and Yoga Flirt can begin to move you closer to your place of wellness. Because there is no one path for everyone I love offering and teaching both of these expressions of this magical practice.

Both group classes and private sessions are available to suit your schedule, style and personal needs. Visit for more details and cruise over to the schedule page for when you can take class with me or call to schedule your private lessons.

You are valuable, you are worth it, you are deserving. Thank you for reading and considering.

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