Notes on Love

Apr 20, 2011

I have a little notebook that I take with me on my annual yoga retreat to write down ideas I want to remember from all of the amazing teachings I experience. There are so many wonderful gems I could never remember them all. This morning I was looking back at my notes and found something that I was inspired to write. I can’t recall now if it is taken from something one of the instructors said or if it just came from me. Either way, I think it is worth sharing.

Many of us feel like we did not receive the love we are worthy of, some as children, some as adults. It is perfectly ok if you didn’t receive that love or the type of love you craved. Many of us didn’t. But the great news is you can give yourself that love. There is an unending river and abundance of love in your own heart. You can give that love to yourself at any time. It is up to you what that expression of love looks like, sounds like and feels like. You decide how to feed your own body, mind and spirit with love.

The physical practice of yoga and pole asana (poses) is an opportunity to practice self-love by celebrating our successes and appreciating our limitations. Love yourself enough to challenge yourself. Love yourself enough to not hurt yourself. Love yourself enough to apply the desire and self-discipline to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Love yourself enough to know when it is time to rest.

There is a great empowerment that comes with discovering and applying love for yourself. Be patient if you don’t know yet what that means. I didn’t know for a long time what it meant to love myself. Listen to the whisperings of your heart and trust them enough to follow them. Over time you will find the simple ability to love yourself is the most satisfying gift you can give yourself.

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