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May 08, 2013

The words you speak and the thoughts you think are incredibly powerful. Not only are they a reflection of your current reality, they are creating your future reality. Whatever you are saying and thinking now will create what you experience later.

Knowing how powerful our thoughts and words are, there are two very small yet very powerful words that are not allowed to be spoken in my house, a.k.a. the Yoga Flirt studio.

Those two words are:

I can’t

That phrase may be replaced with a wide variety of positive alternatives that will create a successful Yoga Flirt practice, such as:cathyhangblog

That move is challenging today and I know I will learn it over time.
I’m happy practicing the preparatory moves with awareness and integrity to ensure my future success.
I will get it.
I’m having fun regardless of what my moves look like.
I’m creating a stronger, healthier me through my practice.
I appreciate that other women can do that move, they are an inspiration to me and show me that it can be done.
I’m attempting something difficult and I am proud of my efforts and courage to keep trying.
Yes I can.
I am still learning.
I am so blessed and lucky to be here in this beautiful space, doing something exciting for exercise.
I’m awesome.
That move was awesome.
I am glad to be here.

Let’s collaborate. What other phrases do you use to create a future, successful Yoga Flirt practice?

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  1. I LOVE learning new and challenging moves!

    I embrace the process of trying new things.

  2. Yes! “I embrace the process of trying new things” Love that.

  3. I always say, I’m still working on that one, I’ll get there when I’m ready :-)

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