Mile Marker 17

May 31, 2012

Imagine a marathon runner, 17 miles or 2/3 of the way done. Maybe she is having some physical pain or her mental focus has started to drift. She knows she has the strength and stamina to finish and she resolves to dig deep, refocus and continue using positive thoughts to get her to the finish line.

She travels the miles alone, no one else can experience her unique physical and emotional ups and downs. And yet, there are so many right there with her. Fellow runners, coaches, medical staff in case of injury, volunteers handing out water along the way, supporters standing at the sidelines cheering.

This morning I felt like she is me. Mile marker 17 toward the finish line of becoming a 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). And while my journey across the miles of training is mine alone, I feel deeply compelled to express my awareness and appreciation of the support staff helping me stay steady on the course.

My Silent Partner, Hubby – His support is ineffable and he is running his own version of this marathon right along side me. Too valuable to put into words.

My coach, Jeanne – She continuously helps me adjust and fine tune my stride, physically and emotionally, I get teary just thinking about it. Also just darn ineffable.

The princesses, Becca, Kellee, and Leah
– They each go the extra mile to cover classes and head the Yoga Flirt ship in my absence. There is no way this journey would be possible without each of you and your willingness to be inconvenienced at times says so much about the quality of your characters. Pure love abounds for each of you.

My fellow runners, Amanda, Jin, Klara, Nikki, Tara – The farther we run, the closer we get to each other and it is an honor to have each of you there beside me, especially on the rougher miles. I am eager to celebrate our success as we cross the finish line!

Those who have gone before, Carmen and Jackie – Two beautiful, shining examples that we will survive and be better for it, I love looking up to you like big sisters shining a light along the path.

The pack, my dear “big group” fellow yogi(word to Antonio for representing!) and yoginis
– It is comforting to know that we energetically hold each others’ hearts and hands and that no matter where we travel after this journey, we will always be connected by this powerful, life changing experience.

My “medical staff”, Mara and Lindsay
– Each takes such good care of my physical and energetic body, smoothing out the achy muscles and knots, some of which lie beneath the surface of the physical body. Your nourishment makes it possible for me to keep running.

My home away from home, Carolyn and Izzy – You are so kind and generous to open your home to my very weird schedule. It is exactly what I asked for and couldn’t be happier each time I arrive there, knowing a comfy bed and cozy environment await me.

Sideline Supporters – I get refreshed every time I run by and grab a cup of your kind thoughts and words.

To each and every one of you: I love you. I appreciate you. I am deeply aware and grateful that there is more going on here than just my part and I know that each of you are contributing to helping make it to the finish line. When I cross the finish line, I may be alone in body but I will be bringing each and everyone of you across with me in my heart.

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  1. Cathy,
    I got goosebumps (as always) reading this today. You are such a strong, amazing woman and I applaud you for the sacrifices you make to reach your goals. You are an inspiration to all!
    Love, Keleen

  2. Yay Cathy!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

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