Love is a Verb

Feb 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! A perfect day to talk about love, but in my opinion not the only day. In our home, every day is Valentine’s Day.

When the word love comes up it is often thought of as a feeling. Passion, tenderness, deep concern for other’s well being. However, without action those feelings fade and die. The surest way to foster the feeling of love is to treat love like a verb, to put it into action.

The greatest thing about love in all of it’s forms is that it is never ending, there is a constant supply of it available to all of us at all times and it is free:). Acting from a place of love can take practice and when I first heard this concept it didn’t really make sense to me. Over time I have practiced allowing my actions to be loving and I have found I feel more love and therefore more peace in my heart all of the time.

At home acting from a place of love means making the bed so our room is neat, tidy and welcoming. It means picking up stray laundry and simply putting it in the basket without complaint or nagging. It is a quiet hug on a challenging day and a happy dance when things go right.

In the studios acting from a place of love means sweeping the hair bunnies up and emptying the trash so our students feel comfortable and the space is inviting. It’s a smile and a positive word of encouragement or a high five.

In the world it’s not getting upset at the person who cut me off but rather having compassion or sending them love. Just recently I pulled up to a stop sign at the same time as a gentleman in a large, shiny new truck. He was making a left and I was going straight, so I began to move forward. He began his turn at the same time, thinking he had the right of way. I hesitated so that we would not have an accident and he chose to drive toward me in a threatening manner. At first I was scared that he was going to hit me. When that didn’t happen my first thought was “I’m sending you love.” I can’t imagine what is happening in this man’s life that would make him so aggressive and angry about such a simple situation. My only thought was that he needed my compassion.

Love means acting from a place of compassion and tenderness for others. Rather than “having” to do things at home, work, or school, we “get” to do them as an opportunity to share love with others. In the words of Ben Lee, “we are all in this together.” Every time I start to lose the feeling of love, I remind myself “You’re made of atoms, I’m made of atoms and we’re all in this together.” Allow the sameness of our hearts to help you act with and from love.

Love is the greatest, most abundant reward in life. Give of it freely and vulnerably and you will feel love in your heart.

“Love is not a thought, it is an action. And each loving action that we take infuses us with more energy for loving action in the future.” Rolf Gates, Meditations from the Mat

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  1. This is lovely! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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