Listing Blessings

Jan 10, 2011

I had an amazing amount of time off at the end of 2010. With the exception of one class, I had three full weeks away from teaching and two weeks of doing light office work in the mornings and then spent long rainy afternoon reading books. I managed to get through four books in two weeks, just one short of my goal of five, but the last one was really long.

Last Monday marked the end of my vacation, and I was ready to get back to teaching, I miss the energy of the classes and the community of women who make Yoga Flirt so special. However, it felt like going from zero to 100 mph literally over night! Since it was the start of the third year of Yoga Flirt, phone calls and emails poured in and we got dozens of student registrations, plus all the other day-to-day behind the scenes stuff that always goes on.

My week culminated with teaching two Intros and a private party all on Saturday. I was already a bit fatigued from the week and my muscles, while not entirely sore from getting back into the groove as I had only touched my pole once during the break, were talking to me a bit.

Saturday was a blast! All three groups of women were energetic and had a fabulous, successful time in class. Teaching brand new students is one of my favorite things to do…watching women adamantly believe they cannot spin around the pole effortlessly fly around and step away smiling at their own power never ceases to stir up a well of emotion in me. But, teaching brand new students requires A LOT of energy. I can tell an on-going student to please do a Sugar Spin and away they go. New students need to be taught in detail. I’m not complaining, I love this part of teaching. I am merely stating facts that are true and that I had to do that three times in a row on Saturday with very little break after an already busy and exciting week.

So, that meant on Sunday I was exhausted to the point of being pretty much useless. My fabulous hubby allowed me to lay around all afternoon on the couch resting, while he sometimes joined me and sometimes cooked delicious food for us. The problem being, it wasn’t fun to be so spent that on my one day off I couldn’t do things I enjoy let alone have quality, connecting time with my hubby. I do not consider lying on the couch near sleep watching a silly movie to be quality connecting time.

This morning found me refreshed and ready for fun, but alas, it being Monday we were both back to a regular work week. I was feeling frustrated and tense that there was to be no “fun time” and also frustrated with myself for not appreciating the circumstances that led to my being so tired.

Before I began my work day, I sat down as though to meditate and instead counted, or rather listed in my mind, the blessings of the past week. An abundance of students joining class, a supportive and loving hubby who helps around the house and takes care of me when things are busy, plenty of food to eat, a warm house, hugs, toe nail polish (I always give thanks for toe nail polish! – maybe I’ll write more on that later), etc. The longer my list got, the more my shoulders relaxed, my breathing slowed and my heart rate came down. I could truly see how blessed I am to have these experiences and to be of sound mind and health to have the opportunity to experience them. It completely changed my attitude and allowed me to start both my day and my week on a good note.

Listing my blessings was the best thing I could have done for myself in that moment and it worked wonders. Plus, it only took a few minutes so it didn’t feel like I was not getting things on my to-do list done. Simple, effective and valuable. Life is grand, we only need to take the time to see it that way!

The next time you find yourself similarly frazzeled by life, try listing your blessings and let me know what happens!

“Count your blessings. Once you realize how valuable you are and how much you have going for you, the smiles will return, the sun will break out, the music will play, and you will finally be able to move forward (with) the life that (is) intended for you with grace, strength, courage, and confidence.”

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