Life Lessons at Disneyland!

Jan 31, 2012

I’ll return to Empty Buckets Overflow soon…today I really want to tell you about a huge life lesson I learned at Disneyland last week. And it seems to be one the Universe has been trying to teach me for a while but I wasn’t quite getting this one in particular, though I have learned other really interesting things there lately. I could have also called this blog “Lesson Will Be Repeated Until Learned.”

Over the last 2 or so years, Happy Hubby and I have purchased annual passes to Disneyland. Since we both grew up in the LA area and he even worked at Disney for a while, we both have experienced the park plenty of times. When we go, we don’t go with a “have to do such-and-such” mentality. Rather, we have a general sense of things we might like to do but not force any decisions.

What I finally realized this last visit was that by not needing to do anything specific, our days there are full of ease and serendipity. For example, every time I had to choose the left or right side of a line, I just picked one without thinking and always ended up choosing the shorter line. By waiting until late in the evening one night to go on some of the more popular rides we ended up being able to go on 5 rides in an hour. We also discovered a new-to-us restaurant/bar in California Adventure that had amazing food and drinks and ended up there right as the sun set behind the roller coaster and the lights came on, so pretty.

None of these perfect, easy and enjoyable adventures were planned.

We just went with the flow, followed our hearts and everything worked out perfectly.

I realized, this happens every time we go. We just step into the flow and everything is great.

Last week I could see that Disneyland was providing me an opportunity to practice going with the flow of life and trusting that everything would be perfect without me needed to be forceful or exerting great amounts of effort in a safe environment. When I surrender the need to be in control of every outcome, what does manifest is so much better than what I might have pushed into being.

And that is a huge lesson for me right now. In my “real life” I am practicing learning how to go with the flow, to surrender to and trust that everything will work out perfectly without me needing to force a specific outcome.

Here’s how I’m practicing that lesson right now. My professional yoga teacher training starts this weekend and I still don’t have a definite place to stay. There are a couple of things that might happen, but even those choices are vague. Rather than pushing for one particular place to stay to happen, I’m trusting that the right thing is going to happen soon and that it will be so much better and more perfect than I can even imagine right now. I’m waiting for my heart to say, “Go left! (or right, for that matter)”

I”m not saying that it is easy for me to sit in the unknown, it actually makes me very nervous, tearful and my tummy aches sometimes. But I’m remembering I also didn’t know I would have an amazing sunset dinner with my hubby last week either.

Whatever lies ahead, I trust that serendipity and ease are available to me as long as I surrender into the flow of life.

Are there places in your life where you feel safe to practice going with the flow? When is it harder? Share your experiences with us so that we can all learn from and inspire each other!

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  1. Oh, I can really relate to this. Especially in regards to travel! When Dave and I went to New York we did not have an itinerary of daily activities planned. We picked a few things around a certain neighborhood that we would like to visit, but would decide to walk or take the subway or where to eat or shop as the mood hit us.

    One incredibly amazing thing happened on our last morning there. The night before we had had dinner and a show at a great comedy club with our friends from home who also happened to be in NY at the same time. We were wandering the rainy streets of SOHO when we decided to pop into a little cafe for breakfast. Uncrowded there were only about three other people in there. As we get our tea and orange juice we look up and who do we see walking in? Our friends! I couldn’t get over that of ALL the restaurants in the whole city that they would walk into the one that we had picked and at the same time. I couldn’t stop laughing and hugging them because I thought it was so funny. Life is funny, go with the flow and good things happen.

    There were several of these type happenings on our trip, it was a very magical week.

  2. Love that!

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