Life is Work…

Apr 06, 2011

That’s right. Life is work. If you are living you have work to do. Much of it is the mundane stuff you may or may not consider work. Laundry, dishes, meal preparation, toilet scrubbing. On top of day to day life work of just taking care of ourselves, many of us are also raising children or taking care of elderly parents or have pets that need love and attention. And on top of that many of us go to school, have jobs or run our own businesses. Beyond that, some of us are choosing to work on ourselves, meaning we are not only exercising to keep our physical body fit but we are practicing Svadhyaya, or self-study, to better understand our habits and make improvements on the inside as well.

I completely understand that we all, as women, are working every day in some way or another. I encourage you to understand the same about one another and to look at each other with compassion. Truly understand that we all have full plates, it just that what’s on them is different.

I recently was asking a lovely woman a question about her schedule. I was wondering if she was a “traditional 9 to 5” type person or something else, like evenings/weekends/ etc. I felt a little sad and miffed when she got defensive and said she worked 24/7 raising a child. I felt that way because I wasn’t implying that work inside the home is less valuable or that she didn’t work because she doesn’t have a job outside the home. I didn’t know that bit of information but was just wondering what her daily/weekly schedule looked like to see if she was free at a particular time.

Please also understand that what we do as women in our lives is valuable. The work you do inside and outside your home matters. You make a difference in the lives of those you surround yourself with. The same is true for all the women you know. So rather than judging someone or yourself for what you do or don’t do, choose to look with your heart at others and yourself and know that we are all in this world together.

We all have plenty “to do”. It isn’t what the stuff being done looks like – housework, school projects, careers – that matters. On the inside we are all already whole and perfect and when we can see ourselves and others in this way, the type of work being done in life fades away.

One of my favorite affirmations is this, “I am enough. I have enough. I do enough. May I be at peace.” Just today I thought it would be nice to take that affirmation and apply to others.

“You are enough. You have enough. You do enough. May you be at peace.”


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