KA-BOOM! Just like that

Apr 10, 2012

KA-BOOM! An explosion of self-love flooded into my not-so-empty anymore bucket around the age of 28.

I won’t bore you with the details, but from listening to a dear, soul-mate of a friend discuss her own experiences with co-dependency and a particularly uncomfortable but eye-opening situation 2 huge things happened that shifted my life in the best way possible.

1. I readily admitted that I had been raised to be co-dependent and that it was no one’s fault.

2. I decided I didn’t want to be that way any more.

And KA-BOOM – just like that the change had been made and I was no longer co-dependent. You see, the moment you truly decide something and believe it to be true it already is. The internal shift has happened.

The only thing left to do is allow time for the shift to manifest in your external life.

For me that meant learning what behaviors were co-dependent and then replacing them with healthier ways of being. Codependent No More by Melodie Beattie was extremely helpful with that process. And since I had decided this new way of being was who I was, it was easy and fast. In less than 8 weeks I had shifted my thought and behavior patterns and over the next few months they became so natural I didn’t have to really even think about it anymore.

The truth is this: change is possible and easy. All that is required of you is to decide. And then allow time to show you the results.

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