IS strong the new beautiful?

Apr 10, 2015

A while back we were all saying curvy is the new beautiful. And before that brainy is the new beautiful. And before that skinny is the new beautiful…..

I get the message here. As women, we are trying to affirm to ourselves and our daughters that our unique beauty, our attributes, the things that make us US is beautiful. And it is.

The problem with the English language is that when we say {fill in the blank} is THE new beautiful it excludes everything else. If {fill in the blank} is THE one, nothing else can be. So while you celebrate and feel your or your daughter’s amazing beauty you exclude your mom, your best friend, your daughter’s class mates, and so on, from shining in their amazing beauty.beautiful

Instead we can be saying:

Strong is a way to be beautiful.
Curvy is a way to be beautiful.
Brainy is a way to be beautiful.
Skinny is a way to be beautiful.

How about if we drop {the} and {a way}?

Strong is beautiful.
Curvy is beautiful.
Bad-ass is beautiful.
Quiet is beautiful.
Flexy is beautiful.
Compassion is beautiful.
Feminine is beautiful.
Tom boy is beautiful.
And on and on and on……

Women are beautiful.


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