Impatient? Move on up!

May 27, 2015

For the last few days I’ve been feeling impatient. Because it’s not 80 degrees out. Because it’s not time for vacation yet. Because I’m not a gazillionaire. Pretty much anything I could be impatient about I was. That makes me snippy and generally unpleasant to be around. And I have to be around myself all day – grrr!

The first day I was like, “Oh hi, impatience. I know you. I know what you feel like. Let’s not stay around long, ok?” The second day was more of, “Ah, impatience. You’re welcome to be here but I’m choosing to ignore you.” Day three was, “I’m really impatient with feeling impatient!!! I want to do something about this.”

Two thing popped into my head at pretty much the same time. The first was this quote by Gary Kraftsow, a very accomplished yoga instructor:

The gift of yoga is you don’t have to jump to the top of the ladder. Take the first step. Don’t worry about the last step. What presents itself to you is the next step. Then the next step becomes obvious. But if you try to figure out how to get to the top, you may become discouraged and go away.

Click to enlarge & move on up!

Click to enlarge & move on up!

And also I remembered the emotional guidance scale, which is over there in that picture. The idea with the scale is the better it gets, the better it gets. I knew that impatience was someone on the more negative side of the scale and I also know that just like that quote, you don’t have to jump from where you are to the top of the scale, you only have to move up one step at a time.

I pulled up a pic of the scale to see where impatience was and the first thing I notice was actually how far up the scale I’ve moved! In the past I would have been in fear, worry, blame and doubt – resulting in anxiety and panic attacks. So my first feeling was thrill – I’m ONLY feeling impatient, yay for me and for progress.

Then I saw the next step up is pessimism. I made a little game of it with myself. Instead of feeling the itchy, uncomfortable stuff of impatienece I turned each thought into a pessimistic one. “It’s never going to be 80 degrees.” And I kind of smiled because, actually, it’s going to be 80 tomorrow. “Vacation will never get here.” A little smile again, because thanks to the talented people over there at Disney I can log in at any time and see how many days to go. And we all know how fast time can fly on by! “I’ll never be a gazillionaire.” Well, maybe. But we all know stories of billionaires who go bankrupt and people who are bankrupt that become billionaires. My story isn’t over yet so I’m open to the possibility of that reality.

After just a few playful thoughts I was already feeling better. The good news is, so can you. You can click on the image to enlarge it or search for the emotional guidance scale and print it up for yourself. Keep in mind, you may be in different places on different subjects. For example, you may be passionate about your career but disappointed with your intimate relationships. Use the scale to take just one step up from where your at on any subject knowing you don’t have to go from where you are right to joy.

Just know that one step at a time, the better it gets, the better it gets.

Wishing you a day one step up from where you are now. Big love to you!

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