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Aug 16, 2011

Like many parents out there, I worry about my kiddos. It just so happens that my kiddos are my yoga and Yoga Flirt students. Whether male or female, traditional or Flirt, if you’ve taken class from me enough for me to know your name, you are in my thoughts. And it really only takes about three times of me seeing you in class for me to know you.

Even those of you who came to class years ago, only a few times, I do remember you. I know your name and your face, I know where your body is strong, tight, or flexible. I remember your injuries, favorite poses, the ones that make your groan, what temperature you like the room and if you have children, pets or none of the above.

Here’s what makes me feel like a yoga mama: when you suddenly stop coming to class and don’t tell me or another staff member a reason, I notice, I think about you, and I worry about you. I worry about your shoulder injury, your anxiety or depression, if you’re still dating the same boyfriend, I wonder how you’re doing. I’m curious to know if you got bored, too hot, to cold, frustrated, embarrassed or hurt. Yoga has been in my life for 15 years and I’ve felt all of those and more, so I understand your feelings and as a teacher and guide I often have suggestions of what to do about those feelings, all you need to do is reach out to me and I may have suggestions for you.

I wonder if it was just discomfort at the idea of wearing shorts to climb the poles. Which, by the way, I totally get. I used to cry at the idea of the shorts when I took pole dancing classes. It wasn’t until I truly applied and practiced the yogic wisdom taught at Yoga Flirt that I got comfortable enough with the shorts to not really even notice or care about them any more.

I know if my class was the one thing a week you did for yourself and if you aren’t in class any more I worry that you aren’t doing anything for yourself at all.

I know only from my own experience with yoga for a long time, without break, how beneficial a yoga practice can be. It heals injuries, I’ve practiced yoga with wrist injuries, pulled muscles, and even with stitches in my toe after a minor foot surgery. It quells anxiety and depression – one dear student told me she was able to reduce the amount of anti-anxiety medication she was taking due to the benefits of my class! I know it works and I’m thinking of you and how yoga and Yoga Flirt can help you.

I decided to write this blog for all the students I don’t see any more, just to let you know that you matter to me. Even those of you from my first regular class in LA at Vons Credit Union, I care, like a mama, about you as go through life with all of it’s ups and downs. And when you went your own way, I let you go. I’m not trying to convince you to come back to class, (although I would absolutely be delighted to see you again!) everyone’s paths are different. Just know that you were seen, heard, and valued.

I’d love to hear from you and to find out how you’re doing and what’s new, exciting or even just the same old thing in your life.

With love and gratitude for you,

“Even if our efforts of attention seem for years to be producing no result, one day a light that is is exact proportion to them will flood the soul.” ~Simone Weil

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  1. Thanks Yoga Momma! You are valued too! Very much SO! :) <3

  2. Hi Yoga mama~

    I miss you and I miss my dear flirt sisters. Your blog made me cry…and I really struggle with crying. I hate to cry, but I’m trying to be be better about that. :-)

    I had to give up class for budgetary reasons. There are so many good things about Yoga Flirt and I miss them all. The upper levels were hard for me. I struggled with a lot of the pole skills. It was a challenge at times to practice ahimsa with myself.

    Honestly, if I never learn another pole skill, I’m okay with that. I’m happy to come to class and just be present. I’m happy to celebrate other people’s success and just be PART of something bigger than myself. I love the way Yoga Flirt made me feel, especially about myself. I learned so much. And I miss you guys.

    And you are right…..for me at least, Yoga Flirt was my ONE big indulgence….and now, I don’t take the care of myself that I should be. I’ve noticed my perception of myself has changed…and not in a positive way.

    My goal is to at LEAST get back to coming to structured open pole 2x per month. Even that will be a challenge, but I KNOW it’s worth it.

    YOU, and all the flirts have been amazing and reading this really touched my heart. It’s nice to be missed. You have an amazing program and I am constantly encouraging others to give it a try.

    Thanks for missing me. (and all of us)

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Clare!

  4. HI Karen, Absolutely let yourself cry! Tears carry stress hormones out of our bodies, it’s really very good for you! Remember, we do sell gift certificates, just put Yoga Flirt at the top of your wish list. And, it doesn’t matter what level of class you take, if you find the one you’re in too challenging, just take a different level. Some women have gone from 6 all the way back to 1, repeated 5 several times, or done the review class. Whatever you do, you must put yourself at the top of your own list, fill your own cup, and nurture your soul so that then you have something to offer to others. We all miss your beautiful spirit! xo, Cathy

  5. Karen, I miss you too! If you ever want to come over to my house for a swim and a soak in the jacuzzi let me know! I will pour you some nice wine and I am free most nights now. Facebook me girl. That goes for you too Cathy and the rest of m y ‘flirt sisters’. That is the first time that I have used that phrase! :) You are all welcome at my place! xo

  6. p.s. nice looking new site! looks so good.

  7. Thanks! I like it too:) xo Cathy

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