I Am My Hair

Feb 17, 2015

The Spiritual Lessons of Hair, Part 1

It is inevitable that from time to time the conversation turns to hair. I am the owner of a yoga and pole fitness studio for women, after all.

And it is inevitable that someone will comment on my straight hair.

Long enough to toss or short enough to not...it sill gets done every day.

Long enough to toss or short enough to not…it sill gets done every day.

But the truth is my hair isn’t straight. Or curly. Or wavy. It’s all three. Yep. I’ve got corkscrews at my temples – I love them, they’re so cute!, a sort of cowl-lick/feather thing at the bangs, nondescript waves on the sides, and the bottom layer of the back is pretty much straight.

It is also inevitable when I explain this fact to others you can most certainly see the horror in their eyes, cue the dramatic music – dun dun DUN!!!! – as they ask, “Do you fix your hair every day?!?!?”

Yes. Yes I do. I fix my hair every day. And to me, this is not the emergency others make it out to be.

You see, there is a great saying:

How you do anything is how you do everything.

To me, fixing my hair each day is just a part of normal life. I do it because I care. I care about myself and my appearance. I choose to show the world I care through my actions, part of those actions are self-care and grooming. When I fix my hair I think I look good and if I look good I feel good. I like feeling good. When I feel good I am more productive, I’m happier and send those happy vibrations out to others.

And I love my hair, as wacky as it is, it is also awesome. I have a LOT of hair which I appreciate because I know plenty of other women who don’t and wish they did. My hair grows fast which is cool because I can change it up and know it’ll grow back and I can change it again if I want.

I can see how this attitude is prevalent in my life. Situations where I could choose annoyance, irritation, or an OMG-this-is-an-emergency attitude I really don’t. I see what’s good and positive about normal life stuff like filling out tax forms, being stuck in traffic, a sink full of dishes. And that way if something truly is an emergency I’ll have the energy and mind-set to handle it.

So you see, how I do my hair every day is how I do everything.

The question to ask yourself is, how do you do your hair? Because that is how you do everything.

PS – Stay tuned for next week’s post, The Spiritual Lessons of Hair, Part 2 or I Am NOT My Hair.

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