How Your Body is Like a Jar of Rice

Jan 29, 2014

Have you heard of the rice experiment? It matters because your body is just like the rice. If yes, continue reading. If no, read this short article and watch the short videos contained therein and then come back and finish reading.

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At the end of the first video the conclusion is we should be very aware of our interactions with children. I think (and this is my opinion only) that there is so much more we can be aware of.

First, how and what we say affects not only others but ourselves also. Our thoughts and words have a direct influence on our health and well being. While it can be scary and we often don’t want to admit it, many of us would never say a cruel word out loud but in our minds we are telling ourselves how much we suck, we deserve the negative experiences in our lives, how fat we are, how stupid we are, etc. etc. Knowing now that your body is at least 60% water and how water changes it’s shape and viability in relation to the words spoken it is so valuable to monitor self-talk and when we find ourselves being negative to choose an opposite, positive thought.

Many times a week I look in the mirror and tell myself I’m pretty. Mentally I say “yes I can” when feeling challenged. I offer gratitude for my health and so on. The result? I look and feel younger and more vibrant at 42 than I did at 22. Back then I pretty much thought I was unworthy, workout out was my punishment for not being skinny, and that my super critical boyfriend was the only person who would ever be interested in me so I “had” to stay with him. My thoughts literally removed the youthfulness from my youth.

Next and equally as important, if you are the rice then what others say to you and how they treat you also affects the very cells of your body – encouraging you to thrive or decay. That super critical boyfriend – the one who regularly told me I was “lame” for liking the Cranberries and other such things? His negative commentary definitely played a part in my lack of vitality and zest for life. My amazing hubby compliments me every day, says I love you multiple times a day, accepts and encourages my preferences and cheers me on in my interests. I am healthier, stronger, and more passionate from being immersed in his positive energy.

The tough part of that is taking an honest look at the people you choose to surround yourself with. Even if you are always kind if you allow others to speak to you or about you negatively, to “get in your face” and tell you to shut up, f*** off or call you names, to disallow your passionate pursuit of life because their choices come first or deny you access to friends or family, health care, travel, etc. you will be like the rice called you fool or ignored. You will begin to decay and rot.

If you find such people in your life, as scary and challenging as it can be, you can turn things around for yourself. Have honest conversations that you take responsibility for rather than blaming the other person. (I feel ____ when ____ happens. I will not accept that in my life. You can choose to stop/do ___ instead. It’s fine if you want to continue but know that I will end this relationship/discontinue contact with you.) If it’s someone you don’t have much of a choice being around such as a co-worker or roommate, do your best to limit interactions with them and make lots and lots of time to be around those who nurture you.

Lastly and equally important is the type of media you consume. Our bodies and minds do not differentiate reality from imagination. So if you regularly watch movies or tv with lots of loud, explosive action, cursing, violence, abuse, adultery etc. you are again like the rice being called you fool. The water in your cells is being affected by those vibrations. The same is true for the music you listen to and perhaps the games you play. Cards against humanity? Pretty funny on the surface, but underneath? Pretty negative and somewhat mean.

Ask yourself this question: How would the rice in the jar look after months of watching this type of movie? Listening to this music? Playing this game? Being around so-and-so? Hearing my self-talk? Would it be the rice that begins to ferment and looks great – keep on doing it, sister! Would it look rotten and black – maybe it’s time for a change.

Which jar of rice are you? Which one do you want to be like? Your choices, your words, and the people you surround yourself with will create direct results.

Like the young man says in the second video, just because we don’t understand or believe yet does not mean it isn’t true.

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