How to be a Super Manifester

Oct 21, 2015

I had been waiting my whole 44 years of life for this. My wish, my desire, my longing finally fulfilled.

I got a Disney balloon. The double kind, clear on the outside and a Mickey head on the inside.

Growing up in So Cal I went to Disneyland at least once a year, if not more, since I was 4 years old. That’s 40 years, people. I always, always, always wanted one of those balloons. Every time I went.

Joy! Love! Faith!

Joy! Love! Faith!

I don’t know why I didn’t get one as a kid, you’d have to ask my parents about that. I’m sure the reason was along the line of those are darn expensive balloons and it will inevitably pop or whatever.

As I got older and continued to yearn for one, I did some pretty typical passive-aggressive type stuff. “I sure love those balloons, but man $10 bucks? That’s ridiculous.” Or, “I used to always want one of those when I was a kid. I guess I’m too old now for balloons.”

Meanwhile, my heart says “Please, please, please someone tell me I’m worth the $10 bucks. That simple joy has value. That the smile on my face would light up their heart.”

A funny thing happens when you speak your Truth from a pure place. You get what you ask for. Simple as that. Here’s how I know.

I finally told my Hubby I wanted one of those balloons. And he said he would get me one on our next trip to Disney World. I trusted and had faith that it would happen.

I did NOT start harping, reminding, or nagging him. I did NOT tell myself stories about how ridiculous it was to want a now $12 balloon. Instead I kept imagining how happy I would be with my balloon in hand. I thought about what color I would pick. I saw myself walking around playing with my balloon. I was excited and eager with anticipation.

And a few weeks later, the very first time we went into the Magic Kingdom, I walked out with my balloon. I played with it, I kissed it, I took pictures with it. It was pure fun! And because you can’t take a helium filled balloon on an airplane, my sweet hubby carefully untied the not and deflated it so I could bring it home. Now it’s hanging on my vision board in the joy section.

You see, there’s always a gap between asking and receiving. Could be minutes, days, weeks as in the case of the balloon, or even years. The thing is, if you ask from a sincere, truthful place in your heart the Universe will fulfill your request. Your only job from there on out is to have faith, believe, see it in your mind, trust that it will happen and not get all naggy to Her about it.

Have fun in the gap between asking and receiving. Live life, be eager, know that’s it’s coming. Be excited! And it will manifest.

All you have to do is ask, Dear One.

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  1. you are so darling xx

  2. Aw, thanks Clare! <3

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