How I Got My Mojo Back

Nov 12, 2015

I totally crashed and lost my positive mojo after Zombie Stripper, waking up and starting my day crying pretty much every day.

Partly because there’s a lot of sadness directed toward me around the ending of Yoga Flirt. Which I totally get, honor and respect. Your sadness is valid. I understand that Yoga Flirt is a piece of you and I feel the weight of your loss.

Plus, I’m highly sensitive which means I can easily feel other people’s energy and when caught off guard or when I’m run down it can affect my energy. So all that sadness went right to my heart, making it feel heavy.

When I can’t seem to find a single positive thing to focus on I start listening to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. She teaches the law of attraction and often just listening helps me get back on track. Well, it took a bit this time to get there and actually the piece that clicked for me wasn’t what I heard in a video but rather something she posted on Facebook.

The message was this:

Focus on what you’re looking forward to.

Instead of continually replaying that thing that didn’t work out, what that person said, the problem you can’t seem to solve, something you messed up on 10 years ago, ask yourself this question, “What am I looking forward to?”

For real, stop the thought train and ask like you mean it, “What am I really looking forward to?”

Looking forward to working with Jeanne!

Looking forward to working with Jeanne!

Just 2 days ago I tried this, I grabbed a piece of paper and pen cause writing it down tends to get my juices flowing and wow! immediately I felt more excited, happy and eager than I had in weeks.

Then yesterday anytime my mind wanted to go to that thing that’s frustrating or irritating I would ask myself, “What are you really looking forward to about this?” or just in general?

It’s fun and it works. And it doesn’t need to be these huge super-charged things you’re looking forward to, it can be simple things. Both are equally rewarding.

Here’s a sample of my first list (it’s pretty long so these are just a few) to give you an idea:

Dear Universe,
I’m looking forward to:
– continued excellent health
– assisting Jeanne
– a comfortably full teaching schedule with a mix of private and group classes, max ten a week and finding the perfect sweet spot to do this in
– tonight’s dinner with brussels sprouts
– receiving more money
– becoming better friends with someone I hold dear, admire and respect
– clean laundry and fresh sheets
– walking my dog
– a nice Thanksgiving with my Hubby
– lots of love, happiness, success and abundance

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Love, Cathy

You should totally give this a go. If it can get my mojo back I bet it can help turn yours up a notch too!

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  1. you always inspire me and i really appreciate your candor and honesty always! i adore you!

  2. Thanks, Clare! So glad you enjoyed today’s post. xo

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