Empty Bucket + Time = Transformation

Feb 07, 2012

Just yesterday I acquired a little netbook to help me manage Yoga Flirt while I’m away at Teacher Training. One part of the set-up process was to sync my on-line info such as bookmarks, usernames and passwords from my desktop to this little device. I got a code of sorts from the desktop and without physically connecting the two computers, simply entered this code into the netbook and literally instantly the netbook was set up exactly like my desktop.

First of all, my mouth was wide open in amazement! Not even two years ago that information would have needed to be transferred manually and it would have taken a bit of time. And that got me thinking about how much time is compressed now.

My journey from an empty bucket to one that overflows has taken 15 years and is still in process, as evidenced by my being enrolled in continuing Teacher Training.

I wonder how this speeded up version of life is affecting our understanding of time and transformation, especially for younger people. How many of us remember the time to took to dial a rotary phone? Or, recall the time before voice mail or even answering machines when if the person you were calling wasn’t home, you had to wait to speak with them. Hours. Or even days. And that was fine.

I wonder how this compression of time will affect our yoga practice. When I say to a student, “Give it some time” I’m concerned they think come back next week and it will all make sense or a pose will happen for them.

In a yoga and pole practice, when I say give it some time, I don’t mean a few days or a few weeks.

I mean t – i – m – e.

In a rare instance that may mean 6 to 12 months. But more often it means years. As in, let it take years for this or that thing to happen.

I thought I would give you a couple of examples from my own path, just of physical asana or pole move type things, that have taken years. I sometimes think when others see me do a move or a pose with precision and grace that they think I just sprang forth into the world with that capability. I didn’t, you just didn’t know me 15 years ago.

– Touch my toes in a seated or standing forward fold: 2 years, now I can do so in 6″ stilettos
Bakasana: 2 years
Parsva Bakasana: 4 years
Sirsasana comfortably without the aid of a wall: 10 years

– Inverted Straddle: 5 years
– Fallback without a spot: 6 years
– Shoulder Mount: 6 years
– Cartwheel Mount: first attempt was when I had been practicing pole about 5 years, then 6 months of dedicated practice, 3 times a week

Years in the making!

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation as always available to us all. If you truly set your intention upon them, they will happen. It simply takes time in the old-fashioned sense of the word.

Up next in the Empty Bucket story: Emotional intentions and time

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  1. thank you for this! thank you, thank you! i never knew! it is wonderful to hear and gives me inspiration to keep going.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful post and to openly and honestly state how long it took you to accomplish certain goals and achieve results. It really shows that very often the journey is the goal.

  3. My pleasure, ladies.

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