Drops of Intention

Feb 15, 2012

Had I known 15 years ago what incredible transformation was occurring through my yoga practice, I might have paid more attention to when things were going on. Ah, hindsight, always so perfect. Please excuse me for maybe not getting the exact when of these drops in my slightly-less-than-empty-bucket, I do know it was before I met my hubby in 2000.

In 1997 I was 26 years old. I was done with college – twice – and really not all that into myself. You see, the only thing I was taught that I was valuable for was good grades. A’s & B’s earned me great praise and they were how I knew I was “good”. So, no longer in school I had nothing about myself that I thought was worthy.

At that time I practiced yoga once or twice a week. One day in class, right as class was beginning, the instructor asked us to set an intention. I had no idea how to do that or what I was really supposed to do. But bubbling up from my belly, my heart and into my throat came my intention.

I want to love myself.

It felt right. I set that as my intention and then went on about class and life, not really thinking about it until the next time I was in a class where we were asked to set an intention. And then I set the intention again, I want to love myself.

I did that over and over, for around 2 years or so. Even when an instructor would ask us to set an intention for something else, say world peace or something, my mind would say, “No, I want to love myself.”

Now, that might seem selfish, to want to love myself over world peace. But here’s the thing, we can’t have world peace or even love each other if we don’t first love ourselves. I knew that one day I wanted to be in a healthy, loving relationship and I couldn’t expect someone to love me without me loving me. So I kept asking.

I want to love myself.

Slowly, over those next few years I began to see myself as worthy of my own love. For example, I love ice cream but back then I would have beaten myself up over having or even wanting some, because ice cream was bad/fattening/indulgent. I began to see that loving ice cream is one of the things that makes me me and that by treating myself to it from time to time was a way to show myself love.

Here’s what I know now that I didn’t know then. The intention worked because it came from a place of feeling rather than thinking and it was a positive. I didn’t think, “I want to love myself and I’ll do it when I don’t have short, chubby legs.” I simply felt that I wanted to love myself.

If you’d like to try setting an intention keep that in mind, for it to be a simple, positive. Say you’d like to be more patient with your children. Simply say that. Rather than “I’d like my kids to not be so wild at bed time so that then I can have more patience”. Simply set your intention to yourself, I am more patient with my children. Or whatever it is your heart desires.

I’m very passionate about yoga’s power of transformation, simply because I have experienced it. I am also a little shy about it because it was and still is so personal. I’m always excited to talk with you about it and answer your questions, feel free to reach out and connect!

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