Cell Phones Vs. The Present Moment

Jun 18, 2013

And the winner is…..


Source: Google images

Source: Google images

For Real. Let me explain how I came to this conclusion.

A while back on Facebook I saw a meme of a woman walking on a beautiful path through some pretty green trees, looking at her cell phone. The caption was along the lines of “Too bad you’re missing all this beauty and the present moment ’cause you’re on your phone.” I didn’t realize it would brew up a blog or I would have saved it to show you.

The general feeling tone of it left me with a bit of an uncomfortable, niggling feeling – like the whole tone was unnecessarily negative and critical. When I have moments like that I turn the the Yoga Sutras and the wisdom of yoga to help me get back into a place of calm, an undisturbed mind, and some understanding of how we can apply these writings from about 1,500 years ago to our modern lives.

The first thing that popped into my mind was ahimsa, or the concept of non-harming in thoughts, words and actions. I looked to myself first, what do I think, do or say about people using their phones in situations where I would choose not to? Admittedly, I’ve had those negative thoughts and said critical words along the lines of “How dare she use her phone and miss this glorious moment?!?”

And then I had the humbling realization that there most certainly have been moments when others may have thought the same exact negative thing about me. Except that when I’m using my phone, I’m totally in the present moment.

A-ha! Light bulb moment! When any of us are interacting or using our phones we are fully engaged in the present moment, using the incredible, miraculous marvel of modern technology to have complete conversations with others without uttering a single spoken word, finding info on the internet, playing games, sharing pictures, etc.

That women in the meme? What if she just took a picture of all that beauty and was sending it to a loved one confined to a bed? What if she was sending a “wish you were here” text to her sweetie deployed overseas? Or maybe she was curious about what type of trees she was walking under?

I am so grateful I saw that meme and that it caused me to stop, ponder my own views and actions and come to a clearer understanding – just because someone is interacting with their cell phone in a situation where I might choose not to does not mean they are missing out on life, or not engaged in the present moment. It doesn’t make me right and them wrong or the other way around. Using our cell phones gives us a new, incredibly mind-blowing avenue for engaging in the present moment in the way that we choose – as much or as little as we like. And we all make different, right-for-us choices.

The next time you see someone using a cell phone in a situation you would choose not to, take the time to appreciate that they are simply making a different choice about how to engage in the present moment, release any negative, critical or judgmental thought or words, and allow that to be perfect.

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