Can I get real with you?

Jul 15, 2015

Have you seen any of those Instagram or Facebook posts of really amazing, beautiful people doing really amazing yoga poses? You know, on a beach in a bikini or a hilltop with the sun perfectly centered behind them while wearing the most adorable yoga outfit? Or some incredibly strong guy balanced on one hand in a shape you can’t even begin to comprehend? I have seen oodles of them…I’m a yogi, I have yogi friends and I follow some yogis I don’t know personally. And I’m about to get really real with you.

Those types of pictures don’t resonate with me. Don’t get me wrong, I think the pictures themselves are absolutely beautiful. But a beautiful picture with some platitude or quote about yoga doesn’t inspire me personally. I’ve been around the yoga block for 19 years now and those types of posts don’t feel real to me.

For a while I’ve been thinking “Where are the real yoga pictures?” “Where are the posts that sound like a real person talking and not a quote or flowery comment that seems disconnected from the pose?”

And about a week or so ago I realized I could be that person.

My first real yoga pic. Aug. 2014

My first real yoga pic. Aug. 2014

Starting today and for about a month or so I’ll be posting pictures over on Instagram @yogaflirt about #myrealdailyyoga. If you’re curious about what a dedicated, professional, 43 year old’s daily yoga looks like head on over there and start following.

Here’s a couple of important things to know:
– I am not under any contractual obligations from anyone to do these posts.

– I am not trying to sell you cute leggings, my latest book, spots in a retreat, or anything else.

– I will not take tons of pictures in advance and autoload them to make it appear as if I was doing something new each day.

– I will never encourage you to do what I’m doing and certainly not encourage you to jump into any pose without properly preparing your body.

– You will most certainly not see any pics of me on a beach in a bikini, because that isn’t me or how I practice yoga.

– You will see me without make-up most of the time, with messy hair, and generally in mismatched, old stretched out yoga gear I wouldn’t wear in public anymore.

– You will see a lot of repetition. Yoga is a practice, so just like a basketball player practices getting the ball in the net over and over I do poses and other things over and over and over.

– I will try to take a picture of each thing I do each day I consider part of my yoga practice and offer an explanation of why or what I’m doing. That means some days you’ll see one pic, others 2 or 3, and some days none.

– I hope to inspire you to dive into your own yoga practice in a way that is meaningful to you, to show you yoga is more than a cute outfit and a great pic, and that your yoga practice is perfect the way it is.

Follow me @yogaflirt on Instagram and #myrealdailyyoga. Feel free to tag and post your own daily yoga pics.

BONUS! I have a keen eye for alignment and am happy to offer feedback from what I can see in your pic. Just ask and I’ll gladly help you out.

Let’s do some yoga!

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  1. okay, i pinned you to my beauty and fitness pages n pinterest. “…yoga is more than a cute outfit and a great pic…” how spot on.

  2. Thanks, Clare! Love you! xo

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