Ancora Imparo

Nov 04, 2010

Ancora imparo…I am still learning. I love quotes and passages, they help me articulate things I am feeling that I can’t quite put into words. I have this one, ancora imparo, near my desk. It was on my vision board, but I am currently re-designing my vision board, so I keep it near by.

The idea that I am still learning helps me to create softness and a sense of compassion for myself when I make a mistake or things don’t go as I had planned. I’m really good with this when my errors affect me privately. It is much more challenging for me when I make a mistake “in public”. For me these days, in public means when things happen at Yoga Flirt that may affect our beloved students as well. Then I tend to get really hard on myself and have to remind myself, that I am still learning how to be a yoga studio owner.

Norman Doidge, M.D. writes in his book The Brain that Changes Itself “…becoming an expert in most fields usually takes about a decade of concentrated effort.” So the good news according to this statement is that I am an expert teacher and an expert at yoga. But I have only been a yoga studio owner for three years and two weeks. I guess I’ve got about seven years to go until I am an expert at this task! It kind of is a relief to know that I will make mistakes and I will learn from them.

Last year for the First Annual Zombie Stripper Party things went good, but I made the mistake of organizing everything myself in less than a month, we only had two short rehearsals for the demos and we all agreed that we loved having our picture taken but wish we had used a professional photographer. I learned a lot from that first attempt and definitely feel the Second Annual Zombie Stripper Party was oodles better. We started planning 3 months ahead of time, more than tripled the rehearsal time and used an amazing photographer.

The challenge I had at this year’s party was a blessing of abundance. We nearly doubled the number of women getting their photo taken once the party was underway when they saw how much effort, time and care Jen Olson was putting into her work. It was immediately obvious that the Flirtography™ was simply amazing.

It ended up taking longer than we had planned for the pictures to finish up, which resulting in our guests not getting dance time at Open Pole. It was a last minute decision based on the fact that Yoga Flirt SLO is in a part commercial, part residential area and we had to finish up with the noise by 10pm. This was a source of frustration for me. I felt like I did not properly plan the evening to ensure that we stayed on schedule. That I had made a mistake, “in public”, no less.

When I find myself being hard on myself like I was in this situation, I do two things. First, I remind myself that I am still learning. Already we have several ideas in the works to make sure we plan the Flirtography™ and Open Pole portions of the Third Annual Zombie Stripper party more effectively so that we can have both awesome pictures and plenty of Open Pole dance time.

Second, I talk to myself as if I were talking to my best friend or someone I care deeply about that was in the same situation. I’ve told myself that everyone still had a great time. It was a blessing to have a “good problem” and an opportunity to learn for there are no mistakes, only lessons. The food and music were great, the demos jaw-dropping and inspiring. Everyone put such wonderful thought and care into their costumes and all of the Flirts had the opportunity to deepen their bonds with one another.

In her book Living your Yoga, Judith Lassiter says, “It is judgment when you draw a conclusion about yourself based on your ideas about failure. Honesty involves taking responsibility; judgment has to do with blame.” This is a good concept. I do take responsibility that not everything went as planned at the party. Do I think I’m a horrible person or bad studio owner because I made a mistake with some of the planning? Absolutely not! I know that I am a fabulous, wonderful yoga rock star in my heart and spirit. I also know that I am human, that my heart was in the right place and ancora imparo.

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  1. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the night. I am lucky to have skipped around for my classes days and levels, so I had many different friends form different classes to catch up with and wish a Happy Halloween! I look forward to future events at the studios. We love you Cathy.

  2. Oh and we love you too Jenny of Joi!!

  3. You made your decisions on the information you had at hand, the information changed and you adjusted. You now have more information and are again making adjustments. Looks as though you practice what you preach…making you the best kind of teacher and person I think….still learning.

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