All the Zombie Feels

Oct 27, 2015

Sweet Flirt Sister, thank you so much for coming to the Seventh Annual and my last Zombie Stripper Party. And thank you for coming to the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. And for all the time and effort and thought you put into your costumes. Without you there would never have been such a thing and for you and for that I am truly grateful.

There were some very unexpected tender moments for me this year.

After the music is off, the lights on, my eyelashes peeled (hallelujah!) I’m always super tired, hungry, ready for a hot shower and bed. Instead begins the several hours long process of cleaning and packing up.

One of my tasks it to clean up the food tables. I notice what you ate this year, what you didn’t. I can bring the same thing two years in a row and one year you’ll devour it and the next not even touch it. It gives me insight into you, your mood, what you like, what you’ll eat. And in those exhausted moments, the next year’s party is born.

Except not this year. Instead of party planning as I cleaned up I saw you standing in ever-shifting circles, chatting, laughing, smiling. Together. Our sisterhood in celebration. It was quiet and I was alone, the activity going on around me but not in me.

My heart swelled and the tears came.

It was in that very moment I knew this was the last, that we would never come together again at this place in this way. Together we created something so special and unique and it was over. Strangely enough, that so-tired-I-could-die-but-have-to-clean-up moment is one that I will miss the most.

The next so-tired-I-can-barely-stand-the-thought-of-moving-my-body comes on Sunday morning. Happy Hubby and I head back down to the studio, to pack the last few things, hang the party poster. Then he heads to his shop to unpack the party boxes and I clean up the floor. No one but the two of us have seen the post-party floor in the light of day. It is quite a sight to see and takes 3 cleanings to get it back in shape!

This year as I began the first sweep I had a new-found sense of reverence. There was an echo of our coming together to create this magical time. Your memory floated to me on the wisps of feathers (black and white this year), an ivy leaf, a bobby pin, a tear drop shaped sequin, a pair of kitty gloves left behind. Enough glitter to put an elementary school craft project to shame.

In the busy-ness of being hostess I may not have spent much time with you. But I saw you. I knew you were here with us, in sisterhood. I know who the black feather came from and the white. I know who left behind the ivy leaf and kitty gloves. Little gifts you left behind.

More tears. Grateful, appreciative, aware tears. It took ALL of us to create the Zombie Stripper Parties.

I cleaned the floor as an offering, a prayer, to All That Is for all that was and the open, expansive knowing that something new and wonderful will breathe it’s way into our lives. That as we leave this party behind we are opening the space for something else.

I stood in the doorway for a moment, looking in at the clean, emptiness of the space. Quietly, quietly, I closed the door and put the Zombie Stripper Party to bed.

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