A Little Surprise for Becca

Jul 06, 2011

Today’s blog is a special treat, written by Becca about a wonderful surprise!

The Seriousness of a BUTT SMACK

Thanks for the blog, Becca!

I got a surprise in class the other night… my students gave me a wonderful gift. Unbenownced to me, they decided that for the last class of their session with me, they would have some fun and give themselves an “assignment”. The assignment that they chose was completely hilarious and silly. The goal was obviously to not be serious, everyone chose the corny-est song they could think of, chose some amazingly ridiculous outfits, and threw caution to the wind (or in the studio’s case, the fan). I was told to sit in the chair the entire dancing period and enjoy…

This is why this was one of the coolest nights in class… the focus was so much more on having a great time and not taking anything seriously, these women were stunning! yes, we all were laughing hysterically, hooting and hollering, but the free-styles that they did were awesome. It was as if, because they weren’t paying attention to anything but having a good time, they were able to actually let go of the notion of control of what to do next and allow their bodies to just move… AH HA!

I began thinking about the phrase, “dance like no one’s watching…” I began looking for the silliness in my own life. And as anyone who knows me could tell you, I’m a little goofy… hehehe… I make an effort to see something entertaining about many things in my life. umm, hello… I teach women how to do a “Butt Smack”… REALLY! HA that’s funny! its totally great too because its hot, its sexy, and it allows us to loosen up… kinda break the ice. But over all I feel that too many things in our lives we take too seriously… being sexy and being sensual are two big ones.

Obviously at YogaFlirt we are cultivating the idea of sensuality and having fun at the same time. I mean, who knew that we could be doing something hilarious and completely ridiculous like dancing to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” in leather fringe chaps and a fringe vest? But because the goal for this was purely for silly giggles, we are able to release our control of, “oh, i think this will look sexy if i do this next” and just feel our bodies and hear the music (by the way, those are 2 of our senses, thus entering SENSE-uality).

Bottom line… its ok to laugh hysterically, lose control of the moment, and enjoy it…

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