A Really BIG One

Mar 19, 2013

I love BIG ones! Big, a-ha, break-though understandings that can change the direction of life. I recently had one of those types of BIG “getting it” moments, so good and juicy I just had to share with you.

The moment of realization was quick to happen, but the transition I made to get there actually took some time, was gradual in coming as I slowly, subtly shifted course. I would say it was a good 15 – 18 months in the making, and all of it thanks to having an outstanding yoga teaching who pointed me on the path and then stood back to let the magic work itself.

For the last 5 years or so, I have created an annual vision board. At first by myself, then over time with my hubby. Each year we remove what was on there and put new items up, to reflect how each year we learn more about ourselves, our lives, and what we envision for our future. It lives above my desk, where I can look up, see it and remember what we’re pursing and wanting.

I have never officially studied creating a vision board or what should go on one, I just knew people did it and some of the things they put on theirs would manifest for them.

I always start at the center with the most important aspect being myself, my husband and our health and relationship. Then for the first couple of years I focused on putting things that I wanted on my board such as financial goals for my business, trips I wanted to take, these really pretty trees for the yard, etc. I was very practical and everything was based on facts and objects.

I never knew something very important was missing….

…until this new year when we created our board. And even then it wasn’t until about 2 months later when I was sharing with a friend about my board what a huge, important and life changing shift I had made.visionboardblog

You see this year’s board isn’t full of what I want to get out of life….it’s full of what I want to feel out of life. All those years I was focused on achievement without emotion, and the things that were achieved were leaving me a bit flat.

Now that I have shifted to how I want to feel out of life, I AM feeling those things more and more. Things like JOY, PASSION, LOVE, WELL-BEING, PLEASURE, APPRECIATION, and COMPASSION. And the more I see, recognize and feel the way I’m wanting to, the more life delivers experiences and things that cultivate those feelings.

It was like I had it backwards, thinking that the accomplishments and things would bring me those good feelings. Instead it is the other way around, those good feelings bring with them accomplishments and things like great concert tickets, deep hugs, notes of gratitude from friends and students, financial abundance that allows me to donate to people and causes I feel compassionate resonance with, joy for a friend buying a new home and so much more.

Life is richer, more satisfying and vibrant now that I am focusing on how I want to feel out of life. I so deeply know that you too, can make this shift and find your own satisfying experiences from life. I love talking and sharing about this topic – feel free to be in touch, to comment or ask questions.

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