Student Stories

Cindy G., 60, Food Service Worker
I’m half way through Level 1 and I have a wedding to go to. I decided to put on my 1″ heels at home (not the 6 inchers yet!) and do the sexy walk we were taught in class. For the first time in my life ever, I felt pretty.

Of course people have told me I’m pretty, but this is the first time I truly embodied it. Thank you!

Stephanie F., 48, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
I actually started Yoga Flirt in April of 2013, although I’d contemplated checking it out for over a year. I had a client mention it would be a great referral resource for women struggling with their self-concept. I recognized the need for so many of my clients who are incredible women; wives, mothers, professionals, single-moms, and hard, hard workers, to honor and value themselves.

I thought it sound like a great idea, but wanted to try it myself before referring. Hmmmm, it’s interesting it took me over a year to give it a try….. maybe a little self-concept check on myself?

I’ve now been in Yoga Flirt for a little over two years. I can best describe it like this:

Imagine looking at a portrait of a breathtaking landscape – a picture depicting a small waterfall at the bank of a fresh water stream deep in the forest. Rich, vibrant colors make it seem as though you can almost see the water moving downstream, and you can almost feel the cool, crisp mountain air.

Now, imagine actually sitting on the bank of that freshwater stream deep in the mountains. Experience the feel of the cold water caressing your feet; breathe in the fresh smells of the forest; listen to the rhythmic sound of water falling; bask in the warmth of the sun on your face; revel in the cool breeze and life and that amazing moment of peace and joy and contentment.

The difference between my life before Yoga Flirt and after is the difference between looking at life and loving it, and experiencing life to its fullest extent with an appreciation for me just as I am.

Thanks to Cathy and all the amazing women I have had the privilege of meeting and knowing who make it possible.

Teri H., 51, Bookkeeper
What was my life like before Yoga Flirt, hmmmm? Well, I had just turned 50, and I had one Son in High School, a daughter in Middle School, and another daughter in Elementary School. I was going on my twentieth year of marriage to my Children’s father. My life was pretty consumed with my full time job bookkeeping at an Accounting and Payroll office in San Luis Obispo.

I had a few ways of empowering myself that included sporadic yoga, running (I completed a very slow marathon on my 50th B-day), and participating in Non Violent Communication classes. I also was wistfully wishing that I could again be involved with a former occupation I had of taking people for Sailplane rides down in Santa Ynez.

In my SLO office I actually worked right across the street from the old Yoga Flirt location. I thought many a time about how much fun it would be to try Pole Fitness. Finally my girlfriend decided she was going to try, and told me it was right up my alley, I should go too. So we went to our first class…

Now, I have been going to Yoga Flirt for over a year. If I had known how fulfilling it would be to be a Flirt I would have started years ago.

I am still a married full time mother of three, and I have now returned to my side “job” of giving glider rides. Before there were needs in my life that were not being met, and many are now being satisfied.

These days I so look forward to each and every class I can attend. For me the classes are calming yet inspiring, which fills my need for peace and excitement. I love being part of a community of women who are expressing themselves through dance and movement in a safe environment.

I have always had dreams having the flow and grace of a circus performer. Yoga Flirt fulfills many of my needs to share and be supported. I love that with this group of women I can express the deep feminine emotions that dwell below the surface. I love the physical challenge that pole fitness demands. I am completely inspired to be a better Flirt and to help all my sister Flirts aspire to their best also. In the same breath, I love knowing that we are all perfect in who and where we are right now.

Maddy S., 24, Full-Time Student and Nanny
Life before Yoga Flirt was good. I had a good job, good friends, was doing well in school, and went to Disneyland way too much. But despite all of the good in my life, I felt stuck.

In the past when I’ve felt like my life was too boring my response has been to shake things up by doing something a little crazy. That’s how I ended up with a motorcycle license and a year of having blue hair. So when I needed another way to shake things up, a friend suggested pole dancing and I thought, “Why not?”

At first, I was reluctant to disclose to anyone that I was pole dancing. What would people think? But then I told my parents and my boyfriend. Their response? “GO FOR IT!” So I did.

Fast forward to a year after I started Yoga Flirt. Instead of saying that life is good, I can now say that life is great. From the outside it doesn’t seem like life is too different. I still have great friends, the same job, and am still going to school. The main difference in my life is that I feel strong! I’ve never really been able to say that before and I never would have guessed the impact it would have had on my life.

Being strong has given me confidence. I no longer question whether or not I can do something; now I know I can do anything with enough time and practice. It is no longer a question of CAN I do something. Now the question is how can I get there. Having that kind of a mindset has been freeing in ways I didn’t realize were possible.

Being strong has also helped me to feel beautiful. We are often saturated with those Pinterest photos that say “strong is the new skinny” and other similar messages. I’ve never been skinny and had given up all hope of looking like those girls in the pictures. But you know what? Now I don’t care. I can look at my arms and see muscle definition. I can climb the pole and actually get somewhere. I look good to my own eyes and our own eyes are usually the most critical. They see the most flaws. Looking into the mirror and seeing my strength has changed me.

Donna, 51, Equestrian and Radio Host
I can remember my first Open Pole like it was yesterday. Soon after I arrived, it was time to dance and I was mesmerized. I felt a part of a secret society of sensuous women that could do amazing and acrobatic moves on the pole. It felt deliciously naughty to have left the Church and rushed here to witness these sisters of mine, reveling in their feminine power to feel. To feel whatever the music inspired them to feel and to give themselves up to the moment. I watched how all different shapes and sizes of bodies were coaxed into beautiful motion while words and sounds of affirmation fell around them like drops of love. Wow…

I was raised in a house full of men. My father, four older brothers and even the dog was a boy. I have never joined a girl group, club or sorority and my sport was very solitary with just me and my horses together for hours on end. Becoming part of a feminine culture has enriched my life in ways that I had no idea I was lacking. It has become my outlet to use my physical strength to explore sensuality in a way that is wholesome, healthy and safe.

I savor the non-competitive environment that Cathy has cultivated. Many times as women, we are forced to fiercely compete with each other in the workplace and the dating scene. We have taken on the male attributes that are necessary to be taken seriously and aid in our upward mobility. Often times during that pursuit, we lose our ability for feminine expression; loyalty, compassion,nurturing, intuition and depth of feeling. Time spent with my Flirt sisters has fed my feminine soul.

I love the idea of taking pole dancing back. To me, it no longer is about objectifying or exploiting women. The pole is a symbol of that thing in your life that you dream of, desire or yearn for, but you are intimidated by and life restrains you and negative self-talk restrains you, but you grab a hold anyway and with trepidation in your heart and Cathy’s encouragement in your ear; you go for it!

Samantha, 26, Information Service Specialist
Joining Yoga Flirt has changed my life forever. I no longer find myself in competition with other women. I don’t feel bad when I cross the path of a smokin’ hot blonde, or the one in a skimpy dress, nor do I bad mouth the girl in booty shorts (duh) Hell, I look more than my honey does now. Lol. Not because I’m switching teams, but because I appreciate the hell out of females. I LOVE being a woman. And I LOOOOOVE being a Flirt.

Rachel, 25, Graphic Designer
Before I started at Yoga Flirt, I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I would never have great upper body strength. I’m a fairly athletic person… I’ve played soccer my whole life, as well as other sports that have kept my lower body in pretty good condition. But as far as my arms go, it always just felt like skin and bones. I could never do a chin up, and push ups were a total joke. I have always tried to stay in pretty good shape, but I have never consistently worked on any muscles above my belly button. It just felt like a lost cause.

After one of my best friends encouraged me to check out Yoga Flirt, I was excited but really anxious. While in Level 1, I went to an Open Pole and saw some ladies doing amazing moves that were totally unattainable in my mind. I saw a few women climb to the top of the pole, ring the bell, and in my mind I thought, Yeah right! That will NEVER be me. I was pretty discouraged because even when I would try to do some of the conditioning moves, I could barely even lift my feet off the ground. Nevertheless, I kept doing these little conditioning and strengthening moves, even though I didn’t feel like much progress was being made. I thought to myself that I would probably be the first woman ever in Yoga Flirt to literally not have the ability to climb on the pole.

Flash forward to Level 2. We were told that we would learn to climb to the top of the pole, and I was terrified. The first few times, I made it just a few feet up before I would lose my momentum and slide sadly down. But let me tell you, the next part shocked me. The following week, I got farther. And finally, after a few weeks of struggling and pushing myself to try (even though I didn’t feel like I would make it), I rang that bell. As I descended, I was pretty much in shock. I just climbed. To the very top! I used my arms to pull me. I am getting stronger!

The progress I made was so noticeable that one day I looked in the mirror and noticed my arms had little muscle bulges on them that were NEVER there before. I literally grew muscles. In shock, I flexed over and over again, feeling so much accomplishment. And though I know that I still have to keep pushing myself to get stronger, the self confidence that has grown in me is even more powerful than my new little arm muscles. :)

Jaimee, 34, Bookkeeper
I have really enjoyed the experience I have had at Yoga Flirt and this summer I realized the impact it has had on me. As you are already aware, my history of athleticism is minimal. I don’t if you are an animal person, if you aren’t this may not make much sense to you…On June 17th I made the difficult decision to put down my baby girl. Her given name was Lucy, but she had about ten others she responded to. For fifteen years she had been by best friend, with me through everything.

She had been going downhill for quite some time and held for as long as she could. Toward the end she had trouble standing, sitting and moving and required a lot of assistance. In her final weeks I took her down to the beach. She was so happy. Trying her hardest to make her way down to the water, laying down and letting the waves come up over her. She absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, when it came time to leave she could not stand or walk. The two occasions I was able to take her, I had to carry her back to the car. From the waters edge in Pismo to the parking lot one day, and up the ramp at San Luis Bay and down the road to the car on another. She was down to 40lbs at that point and I was able to comfortably carry her. All the times in the previous six months that I had needed to pick her up from some strange position she had fallen into, or carry her around the house or outside for a potty break, I had been able to do it.

I would have never been able to do that without Yoga Flirt. I would not have had the physical strength or stamina. At some point I would have dropped her, hurting her and/or myself. On both occasions at the beach, strangers asked if they could help and I was able to graciously turn then down. As her mama, I was able to care for her in the way she needed. It is because of you and Yoga Flirt that I was able to do it. There are no words that describe how thankful I am for that.

And finally…

I work with a lot of businesses. I have a different perspective than other consumers, as most entrepreneurs do, but with influence drawn from my profession as a bookkeeper. Of the businesses I’ve worked with, many do okay, some barely make it by and some are so successful it blows my mind. I have noticed that the latter start with a foundation filled with passion. I have seen it in you (Cathy) many times, in every class I’ve taken with you, in your blogs and when you speak. Most so this past weekend.

It is extremely obvious how much you believe in what you are doing and that gets showered down onto all of us. Thank you for being so passionate about Yoga Flirt. It makes the entire experience more fulfilling knowing that while I am getting stronger, having fun, embracing the wild side and amazing myself with what I am able to do, I am also supporting a passionate woman in business.

Carrie B., 30, Chiropractic Assitant
(at the end of Level 3, her only exercise being Yoga Flirt once a week)

Before Yoga Flirt I’ve never had abs, been able to see them or feel them. They’ve always been sleeping under a layer of pooch. I’d never done anything to deal with that situation.

That’s what I love about Yoga Flirt, it doesn’t feel like I’m trying. So today upon inspecting said pooch I did that girl thing and sucked it in….and lo and behold I have abdominal muscles!

How can I express my love for Yoga Flirt? I’ve never enjoyed exercising and now I look forward every week for my not-really-a-work-out. In conclusion, I am a sexy beast!

Alex D., 24, Chiropractic Assistant
I started Yoga Flirt a little over a year ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It was originally part of a New Years resolution to do something fun, something just for me. Now it is a real passion and a part of who I am. I love the studio and the instructors because they provide a place of true peace, relaxation and expression. It is a safe place to express any range of emotion. Whether I feel joyful, sad, vulnerable, strong, naughty, mournful, sexy, playful or weak. I know that I can be any and all of those things at Yoga Flirt and be appreciated by other women who understand.

I experienced a death in the family, and a difficult break-up during the past year. When these tough times came along, I was so grateful to have a place to either escape and forget about my problems, or work on a new/difficult pole move and remember that I have the strength to face these obstacles. I would absolutely recommend it to any woman, regardless of your confidence, exercise level, body type. Yoga Flirt will help you transform your body, mind and spirit for the better.

Debbie L. 41, Self-Employed Graphic Designer
I remember the defining moment last year when I decided to join Yoga Flirt. My sister, who is a fabulous Flirt herself, was talking about Yoga Flirt to me and she jumped up and said, “Would you like me to dance for you?” The next few minutes as I watched her dance, I giggled in shyness and awe thinking, “Wow…how does she do THAT? I want to do THAT!” She moved with such confidence, grace, beauty and sensuality. I was at a point in my life that I needed to rediscover those qualities within myself.

I committed myself to joining Yoga Flirt in June 2011. Before joining Yoga Flirt, I was definitely feeling out of sorts with myself, feeling lost, and allowing myself to get swallowed up by the daily pressures of motherhood and marriage. I lacked self-confidence, feelings of femininity and sensuality, and had absolutely no desire for sexuality. I was also not comfortable within my own skin and embarrassed by my body.

Joining Yoga Flirt was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I’ve taken exercise classes in my past, but THIS ONE is something special. Each week when I walk through the front door of the Yoga Flirt studio, I know I’m going to experience something beautiful…not just beautiful dancing (which there is a lot of among my fellow flirts!), but also I get to experience and acknowledge my inner beauty, no matter where I’m at emotionally or physically on that day. Yoga Flirt gives me the freedom to accept myself, embrace myself, and BE myself.

I’m discovering that I can be sexy, and that I am strong and courageous. I find myself dancing silly (not sexy) around the house with my 4-year-old son because I’ve gotten back in touch with the part of me that loves to dance and have fun. I’ve enjoyed dancing sexy (not silly) for my husband, which in the past I would have been too shy to do!

I’m learning that I am confident and sensual. I feel more able to challenge myself and at the same time, laugh and have fun. I’ve even taken up running, have done a ½ marathon, and am now training for a full marathon.

Yoga Flirt has provided me the avenue to make positive emotional and physical changes in my life. I’m so excited to continue on this beautiful journey!

Annie L., 45, Unit Supervisor
I have worked at ASH and CMC for the last 13 years, and my sensuality was a little buried. Just couldn’t show it when I was facing down an angry male, and then being the boss at home, still had a hard time letting it go. Also, I was the other side of 40, and things were….different.

I had been a dance major in college, and always loved to dance, but as I age, I have lost flexibility and strength. I knew I needed to do something, but couldn’t figure out what.

My son came home with an assignment for PE class. He needed to record the number of sit-ups and pushups I could do. Sit-ups were a struggle, and I couldn’t even do one pushup! Embarrassing, and not a very good role model for my child.

I started looking for something that I could do, and enjoy. I discovered Yoga Flirt, and was hooked! I come home sore but happy after every session, and also got my mojo back!

Yoga Flirt let me let my hair down in a safe environment, and gave me my confidence back. I would smile to myself as I walked across the prison, knowing no one had any idea that I was upside down on a pole last night! I love that!

My husband gave me a pole for Christmas, and can’t believe what I can do! I believe I can do anything now, because even if I have a rough night at class, I was there, and know the next week will be better. And when I have a good night, I just smile and tell myself, “you still got it!”.

Oh yeah, I can do all sorts of pushups now too!

Breana D., 27,Software Technical Support
Yoga Flirt is by far one of the most unique, fun, and even inspiring activities that I’ve ever done in my life!

I’ve been doing Yoga Flirt for over 2 years now and I truly can’t believe it’s been that long. Other than the great physical benefits of this activity, the most interesting change to note is my perspective of what Yoga Flirt is.

To start with, what about my initial aversion to this whole yoga concept? Well, I’ve learned to appreciate how absolutely amazing it feels to fully engage your muscles and stretch to their full potential with correct alignment. I’m not that great at any of the finer details and I don’t have half the flexibility that I wish I did, but it’s still such an energizing, solid, and good feeling.

As for the philosophy side, I understand that it’s very important (more so than the physical probably), but that part is more of a struggle for me to figure out how to integrate into my life (I am still making progress though…there’s always room for more personal growth).

And now for the obvious part – this activity called “pole dancing.” In nearly all parts of society it carries a rather negative connotation…so why is Yoga Flirt so different and something that I think all women could benefit from? In answer to that, the best thing that I can say is this: don’t ever forget that life is exactly what you make of it – no more and no less.

Everyone makes Yoga Flirt into something a little different based on what it is that they’re looking for; however nearly all of us are looking for the same fundamental thing – we want a comfortable, supportive, all female, social environment where we can learn to feel pretty, graceful, strong, coordinated, self-confident, and yes, even desirable.

I just want to dance because I feel beautiful and happy and focused inward in a way that is very rare indeed.

Bethany S. 36, Instructional Aide/Educator
I have been practicing Yoga Flirt for about a year and a half. Before Yoga Flirt I was a mother of one child and a busy working Mom. At the time I felt like I spent very little time on my own emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Most of my free time was spent getting lesson plans ready for work, caring for my son’s and fiance’s needs, and making sure that our home life ran smoothly.

Yoga flirt is the one thing that I do for myself every week. Sometimes it is the only ME time or girl time that I get.

My life is busy with a new 7 month old, a busy 5 year old and husband that works hard to take care of us. To top it off I just started a new job after being on maternity leave for 7 months. With a life as busy as mine, I am SO very grateful that I have an hour and a half where I get to leave the kids at home, and have some time to focus on my breath, strength, spiritual self, and focus on bringing my inner sexy back into my life.

Yoga Flirt makes me feel healthy, it makes me feel like I am making special time for myself. Even when we are struggling financially I still make a point of setting aside the funds for class because I know I deserve it.

Yoga Flirt reminds me that I am important, and that I love myself. Yoga Flirt makes me feel connected to my spirituality and my sensuality.

Yoga Flirt is SO much fun! I never thought that I would be able to hang upside down from a pole with no hands! I love having a group of woman that I feel comfortable being my true self with. We get to be playful together and it is the highlight of my week.

Elizabeth A., 33, Cookie Maker
Yoga Flirt gives me permission to BE SEXY, something I didn’t really allow myself to be, without feeling silly.

Steffi, 41, Drowning Prevention Specialist
I often feel rushed through the day, just trying to make everything happen, getting ahead of the busy schedule. I think we all know that feeling and the guilt that comes with it- toward our kids because we think we haven’t spent enough time with them, toward our partner for the same reason and toward ourselves because we know how much better we could feel if we were able to just take a little time out of the day for ourselves.

I heard about Yoga Flirt from a very dear friend, who was in a similar situation (aren’t we all?), and who couldn’t stop raving about these classes. I was intrigued and signed up for an Intro class.

I thought I was in pretty good shape, considering I spent most of my day outside and, as an Infant Aquatics instructor, in the pool. Plus I practiced Karate, not as often as I wanted and needed, but nevertheless I always felt strong and fit. That Intro class left me with the infamous shaking legs (and sore muscles all over my body) and a desire for more. What a work-out! What FUN! I was sold.

However, it took me probably another 1.5 years to finally sign up for level 1. This was solely due to scheduling issues; the fee didn’t really bother me. Of course, I am on a budget, but I also know when something is worth the money and in the end you get what you pay for. So what DO I get? Most importantly time for and a focus on myself. A great work out, stretching, strength training, all topped with fun and laughter. Definitely a sexier me! After only my 2nd lesson, when my husband asked: “So, what ARE you learning at Yoga Flirt?”, I showed him a few moves that I had learned.

I was in my work-out clothes, no make-up, my hair was mess from swimming. I didn’t even think too much about the whole thing but Vavoom! My husband was staring at me like I was sexiest thing he had ever seen. Needless to say- we both enjoy me dancing and showing off the moves I learn at Yoga Flirt. It has rekindled our relationship in more than one way.

I’ve become stronger and I feel better in and about my body. So much that I bought some very cute lingerie (which I hadn’t done in years) and booked a Boudoir photography session. I would have never thought of this before but thanks to Yoga Flirt I am able to, like my friend keeps saying, “channel my inner goddess”. I love the saying and I love Yoga Flirt.

Lindsay W., 30, Mom/Reiki practitioner
I have been practicing Yoga Flirt for over a year now! I can’t believe it!
Before I joined Yoga Flirt, I never would have considered that this is what I would be doing. In my early twenties I was a competitive runner, Bikram’s yoga addict and health food nut. I was petite and fit to say the least.

However, every time I looked in the mirror I only saw all the things I didn’t like about myself, I always felt fat. At age 24 I had my first baby and four years later I had another. My body went through major changes, I am not one of those women who could fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes and not because I weighed more, but because my shape actually changed.

I felt like a failure and was angry that I didn’t accept myself when I actually did look good. I was in desperate need of a change in perspective.

When my sister-in-law scheduled her bachelorette party at Yoga Flirt I was pretty hesitant and I really considered not going. It felt a little threatening to me to participate in something that I thought was only for skinny, pretty girls, but I figured at least I would get in a workout for the day, so I went.

During the workout we were asked to bring awareness into ourselves. During the middle of the warm up I felt a sudden shift of energy in my heart chakra. It brought tears to my eyes because I felt like I was in someone else’s body. That is how disconnected I was from my own physical self.I went home and immediately signed up for level one. I didn’t even have to try to explain to my husband my reasons for wanting/needing this, he could just see how affected I was and knew from then on it was just something that would be a part of our weekly schedule.

I saw results almost immediately within my physical and emotional self. At first, it was just little differences in the way I thought about myself and over the course of this last year grew into an overall acceptance of myself and my ability to cope with change in general.

That is what Yoga Flirt gave to me: the ability to accept myself for who I am and what I look like right now. I went years trying to avoid looking at myself in the mirror because it was too painful, but now I like what I see and am not afraid to be myself. I have Cathy and Yoga Flirt to thank for easing my transition from my twenties to thirties and into woman-hood.

Danyelle C., 20, Student/Server
I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOGA FLIRT. It’s the place where I can escape and be me for me with no judgement. I never had it easy growing up with a broken home and it doesn’t ever get easier. My parents divorce follows me everywhere I go. I grew up fast taking care of my siblings and got caught up in relationships.

The last 6 months I became single and have really been able to focus on MYSELF. That is why I am so happy for Yoga Flirt. It is my escape.

I love all of the women there. There is no judgement and it’s nice to let loose, get exercise, be with new friends, and do something for myself.

I really really am so thankful for what you have provided me. I really really wanted you to know that. It’s the one thing I look forward to every week (except the no lotion on yoga flirt day lol)
Finding who I am is a struggle and I feel like I’m enjoying it until people antagonize me or judge me.


I am able to find who I am here, and be at peace with myself.

Lisa S., ITS
Thank you for your attention and assistance on Saturday (for my private session). It was great to have someone watching and making small changes – it lead to a huge improvement (at least, from my perspective)! Class yesterday was much more enjoyable for me because of it. I even had one sugar spin that made my heart sing at the end of class during the routine!

I just danced freestyle for my husband for the first time tonight. I have been taking Yoga Flirt classes for over 2 years and have never mustered up the nerve to dance for him until now. I was especially nervous being outside of the “safe” studio and predictable friends. It began a bit nerve racking but as soon as I felt myself moving to the music; I let go and danced more comfortably than ever before. I had fun with the dance- each movement flowed so naturally into the next- like this was what I had been working for these last two years. I was able to be myself; I felt so alive! It was so much fun I can’t stop smiling. As the song ended, I danced straight through the silence and continued through the next one too.

I owe my new found sense of self confidence in myself, my pole skills and my toned body to Yoga Flirt. I feel more confident to enjoy life as I experience it regardless of anyone’s opinion. Most importantly, I have separated myself away from that negative, over critical voice in my own head and have become more free and happy in the process. I have to let go of that self doubt every time I dance -I am becoming a stronger and more powerful woman because I am taking control of how I perceive myself, others and my journey through life.

Thank you Cathy. Thank you to the amazing Yoga Flirt instructors who show me every week how to embody my femininity, and become the woman I have always wanted to be.

Corrinne G., 45, Teacher
Yoga Flirt has changed my whole life! My self-esteem has so been totally transformed! After a failed marriage because of a cheating husband, I was in my forties and devastated and so down on myself. When I began taking classes, I began to love myself and feel beautiful inside and out. I am so forever grateful for you for bringing this wonderful gift into my life. Hopefully, we will always have such a wonderful place as Yoga Flirt in our lives!

Kayli M, 20, Student
I must admit, I was a little nervous after my first Yoga Flirt class, but I went back for more. Though a little wobbly at first, I still couldn’t get enough. Now, a little over one year later, I am able to walk sturdily and sexy in my 6 ¼” heels and graduated from level 6! Yoga Flirt has changed my life in so many ways. First of all, my entire body is more strong and toned than it ever has been before! (And I have a long background of gymnastics and cheer!) Also, I’ve had the opportunity to meet amazing inspiring women of all ages along the way.

The little tid bits of yoga teachings remind me to appreciate the little things in life. Yoga Flirt has helped transform me from a young lady to a woman – a woman who feels confident and sexy in her own skin and who knows how to take the time to appreciate herself.

Every night when I leave the studio, I feel like a beam of light is shooting from my heart glowing all around me and I can’t stop smiling. I leave the studio feeling lighter; like I could conquer anything that comes my way. Yoga Flirt has taught me to love me for me, for who I am today.

Christina K.
Exercise- It’s that dreaded thing most people want to avoid, yet they know they should do it. When I don’t exercise, I’m grumpy, cranky, irritable, bitchy and a down-right unhappy person. So tonight, I did something I love doing-Yoga Flirt. To me, it’s not exercise. It’s my haven; it’s my “me” time and now I’m centered. Namasté

Lauren M., 20, Student/Server at Chili’s
Life before Yoga Flirt was: Chaos. I was caught on the life’s treadmill. Go to school, go to work, get A’s, forget about yourself in order to achieve the “perfect life”.
I found myself missing out on making connections in order to get things done.

Life now? Phenomenal! I am stronger, slimmer and sexier! My class time is my time. A chance to escape from the routines and demands of every day life.
Through Yoga Flirt I have not only met amazing, strong women, but become one myself. Yoga Flirt has taught me not only to celebrate my strengths, but also to find contentment in the “in process” things. I don’t think its possible to laugh or smile more than I have “working out” with fellow Flirts.

I can’t tell you how my life would would be different without Yoga Flirt, because I don’t even want to consider the possibility!

More from Lauren
I wanted to take a chance to tell you how much I love what Yoga Flirt (and all the amazing women I have met because of it) have done for me. As I’m becoming a “big girl” now and attempting things that scare me, I now have the confidence in myself to know that I will eventually be able to do all of the moves and I have found contentment in both who I am today and the woman I will be tomorrow. I want to thank you for providing a place in which I am not only loved for who I am, but also allowed to experience all emotions with the knowledge that I won’t be judged because of them. I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be as happy with my life as I am if I hadn’t found Yoga Flirt.

Marisa W.
Can you guys please open a Yoga Flirt in Santa Rosa somewhere by Sonoma State/Wine Country?! I moved up here about a year ago from SLO and before I left I started doing Yoga Flirt. I was a ballet dancer growing up and I LOVE yoga so I thought I’d try it out….I’m in LOVE with Yoga Flirt! I found a place up here….but they just don’t do it the way you did. The dances are fast and not focused on being slow and sexy which is something that you guys do that I loved :-( There really isn’t a good Yoga studio up here either…like…at all :-( Anyways…just a thought….Yoga Flirt should think about opening something in the “other wine country” area!!!!

Lisa S., 44, Health Coach
My life before Yoga Flirt was very full with being a wife and mom over the past 21 years and managing our family business. Additionally, I was nearing the end of grad school and very busy with daily life when I first walked through the Yoga Flirt doors.

Working in healthcare, I’ve always believed and understood how important it is to take care of myself, but I often felt challenged in getting self-care to the top of my own to-do list. Over the years, I had begun to accept that I was aging and would never feel as strong or as comfortable with myself or my body as I had in my younger years.

I found my confidence diminishing. It took me over a year before I worked up enough courage to sign up for a Yoga Flirt class.

Yoga Flirt has transformed my life is so many wonderful ways! I am happier, stronger, more confident, and filled with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. I have come to appreciate myself and my body in new way. I am kinder, gentler, and more loving with myself and others.

Yoga Flirt has provided me with a sacred, safe space to explore my authentic Self, and to play again. My body is stronger and more flexible than it has been in years. Several months after beginning Yoga Flirt, I had the confidence to re-connect with my love for teaching and working with others in a new career as a Health Coach.

Coming to Yoga Flirt each week is like taking a big drink of water on a hot day. It hydrates my Soul. I am filled with gratitude for Cathy and each of the amazing and supportive Yoga Flirt instructors.

Thank you so much Cathy for all the positive ways in which my life has been transformed by the Yoga Flirt journey.

Kellee R., 36, Graphic Designer
I have wanted to write a testimonial for long time, but struggled to write something that other ladies would be able to relate to. Finally I realized, it is my testimonial, all I need to do is share my story.
As a kid my hobbies were gymnastics, dance, and horse vaulting; all activities that kept me active and healthy. As I got older my interests shifted to things like sewing, designing, and cooking (not necessarily contributing to an active lifestyle). I knew I needed more exercise so I joined various gyms. For years I went regularly; not because I wanted to, but because I needed to. What I really sought was a hobby that was active, like when I was a kid. I wanted exercise to be fun, not a chore.

Finding Yoga Flirt was a blessing for me! It is exactly what I had been searching for. Now I have a hobby that is good for my mind, body, and soul!

Thank you Cathy!

Karla H., 40, engineering student
I have gotten so much out of Yoga Flirt classes – I started in November 2010, and danced – IN PUBLIC for the first time ever – at a New Years’ party. I’m so much more comfortable in my body now. Thank you!

Autumn W., 27, PR Rep.
I have always been somewhat of a “compare yourself to ____” girl. I constantly found myself struggling to keep up in every sense – with life’s little tasks, with my peers, and with the idea of a perfect everything. I poured so much effort into achieving perfection, yet never took any time to appreciate myself for who I was naturally.

I found out about Yoga Flirt from a friend who was taking a class. I loathe traditional workouts and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try something new and fun. I am forever grateful to that friend for introducing me to something that has changed my life and the way I feel about myself. YF has empowered me to let my hair down and let the sexy out!

The pressure to be perfect is everywhere we turn, but what I have learned through Yoga Flirt is to confront that out-of-whack expectation head on. I realized that it’s okay to have an off day, to not have a models body and to let yourself just BE. In class, it’s okay to not be able to do everything my peers can do. I’ve learned to express gratitude for the things I AM able to do. Every day is different–some days I’m stiff, cranky, tired, energized, or elated.

The gift that yoga Flirt continuously gives me is to remind me that I don’t have to be perfect–I just have to show up, enjoy the time for myself, and give the effort.

Alyssa K., 33,Accounts Payable/Receivable
Having gained weight from having kids and our on the go lifestyle, I found myself unhappy both inside and out. I rarely even bothered trying to look nice, as it seemed like even when I did, I was never happy with how I felt. I was sluggish, critical of myself, unmotivated and easily discouraged when my weight loss goals, or other goals in my life weren’t met.

One day while surfing the web, I found Yoga Flirt and decided to give it a go. Being a rather shy person, it was quite a stretch for me to even try the classes. I figured nothing else had worked, so why not step out of my comfort zone?

For the first time in years I was taking time for myself, doing something for me. The classes were fun. I looked forward to going every week, which was quite a change for someone who always made excuses to avoid exercise in the past.

I began losing weight and I realized it was not because I was taking a Yoga Flirt class once a week, but because of the way the classes were changing how I saw myself. I felt sexy, alive, strong and worth taking care of.

A year and a half after starting Yoga Flirt, I am a much happier, relaxed, self-confident person. I have met so many amazing and supportive women. Pole dancing is loads of fun, but it doesn’t come easy for me. I’m not always able to do a move the first night we learn it…sometimes I can’t even do it months later. But I’m ok with that!!

Somewhere along the way, I stopped getting frustrated and found myself looking at things differently.

Life was no longer a series of successes and failures, but rather a journey to be enjoyed at each and every point. And boy, am I enjoying it!!

Pam W., 41, Awesome Wife
I just wanted to share with you that my husband is a believer. He recently came to me with a request to review our overstretched household budget and find a way for me to return to Yoga Flirt. He says I was not only physically healthier while taking classes, but more balanced – mentally healthier!

Our men don’t always notice things, like hair cuts or new dresses – so Yoga Flirt must make a huge impression! Thanks to you and all the ladies!

Cristel D., 29, On-Air Personality
Quite honestly, before Yoga Flirt I was never a fan of yoga. I’ m the sort of women who likes to work out hard, fast and loud. So sitting quietly and stretching on a mat never did it for me.

One day my great friend Angela told me about Yoga Flirt and how she was sold after the first class. She urged me to join but still a yoga skeptic, I just smiled and nodded and said it sounded nice but never seriously consider joining.

As luck would have it a few weeks later my boss said I had to go to Yoga Flirt for a radio promotion. Coincidence, I think not.

I soon discovered that Yoga Flirt was not a sitting quietly type of class. The workout on the mat and pole were challenging yet fun and I even got to laugh.

So of course, I was sold after the first class just like Angela said I would be . I feel stronger and more importantly sexier. Yoga Flirt has allowed me to take their core yoga moves and apply them to my personal life while helping me to feel more comfortable in my own body.

I recommend yoga flirt to all yoga skeptics because they made a convert out of me.

Sonja S., 41, Mom, Wife, Lecturer, Yoga Flirt
I remember the day a friend called me and asked if I would be interested in taking a class with her. I had been wanting to try something different. Life had become all about being a mom, teacher, and wife. While I love my family, I didn’t have much me or girl time.

Then she said it was called Yoga Flirt. Well, that was not what I was expecting. Yoga, aerobics, knitting, and lots of other things came to mind but definitely not something called Yoga Flirt. She gave me the web site. I said I would check it out (after lots of laughing) and headed for the computer. I have to admit, when I read about discovering your sexy crawl, all I could think was “Rug burn! Rug burn!” But I am game for almost anything so I signed up. Little did I realize how much my life would change.

At first, I felt guilty about leaving my family one evening each week. Soon, I realized how critical class is for my well being. My YF class is time for me: Time to laugh, time to sweat, time to explore my sensuality which I had forgotten existed, time to dance, time to accept my limits, time to test my limits, time to be with old and new friends. There are some moves I haven’t mastered which can be frustrating. Slowly, I am accepting that progress and not perfection are important — a challenge for a type A person. Trying and being open are the keys.

In each level of class, at least one of my boundaries has been tested. I remember when a sugar spin was difficult, when I couldn’t climb the pole at all, and when writhing during the warm up was, well, uncomfortable. Now, the martini is my favorite spin, I am half way up the pole, and when I’m freestyling and can’t feel what to do next, “When in doubt writhe about,” pops into my head so I’m never at a loss for a move.

Honestly, before I started Yoga Flirt, I hadn’t realized how out of touch with myself I had become. I feel sexier, stronger, and surer of myself than I have in a long time. I have made wonderful friends in class. Even if I never make it all the way up the pole, it won’t matter. I’m having too much fun!

Shyla P., Dental Assistant
Class was amazing and I learned so much! Plus I had amazing instructors! It is also a great workout and it’s sexy! I have a daughter and a full time job…it’s for anyone.

Cori R.
I’ve always looked for a workout that I liked and could stick with and I finally found it. I’m a single mom and work with mentally disabled adults, this class is a great release for me. Relaxing and fun. Thank you!

Clare K., 30, Receptionist
I was always young for my grade and maybe not as mature mentally or physically as the rest of the girls in my class. I dreaded the locker room in junior high and the comments from some of the other girls. In high school I was painfully shy and I never dated anyone. I dated my first boyfriend when I was 19. As a young woman I was so uncomfortable with my body that I didn’t even take my bra off when I was intimate with my boyfriend. I wanted implants badly.

In January 2009 I signed up for the Saturday Intro class. When that Saturday came around I parked in back and then realized that my hands were shaking. And my arms. And my chest was tightening up. I was so terrified. I took some deep breaths. Called my husband and after he told me that I could do it I walked in to that room and had the best time. I was hooked. I laughed and smiled most of the class! I couldn’t wait for the next one!

Since I have started taking classes I have noticed changes in myself. I no longer think ‘I am too pale, too hairy, I have moles, and I have scars…’ I think ‘I’m OK. I have a body to be proud of.’ I’m so happy that I never ended up getting implants. I think my parts are just right. There are women of all ages, shapes and sizes in my class. They are all beautiful! I think to myself. If they are all beautiful, then I must be too!

I love the classes. I never would have imagined I’d be able to climb up a pole, get upside down on one or even do a handstand on one! I don’t know what I love the most, the yoga warm ups, the fun moves we get to do on the pole, or the calming cool downs at the end of class! I feel energized, strong, capable and happy when I leave class. It makes me feel great and I’m going to make it a priority in my life.

Jane P.,44, Registered Nurse
My life before yoga flirt was a busy grind. I worked over 50 hrs. a week, worked 2 jobs, ran errands, did laundry, cooked meals, just like most working women. I didn’t allow time to rejuvenate myself. I exercised when I could, run/walk with my dogs, often rating work as a priority, and giving up things I liked doing.

I started Yoga Flirt last year with a group of girlfriends and found a secret club of sorts. A place where just walking through the door, you step into a realm where anything is possible.

I remember watching Cathy (Queen Flirt) demo a new move for us. I thought , I can’t do that! Then guess WHAT??? I could… the feeling of accomplishment felt fabulous!

Each week built on the previous instruction and we all grew stronger. She pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and believe in your strength and power. (believe it , it is there). I just signed up for level 6, I am scared to death,but trust that I will be able to accomplish it. Actually, can’t wait! (GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! IT FEELS GOOD!!!)

The last year of yoga flirt enabled me to meet some fabulous women, have fun, and carve out some hellacious, “Michelle Obama” arms, (secretly I think there is a yoga flirt video and pole at the White House).

Yoga flirt has awakened a confidence that has been hidden and asleep for too long. It is the best thing to hit this sleepy town! Go for it, you won’t be disappointed !!!!

Rachel B., 24, Vet Tech
I didn’t have the self confidence I wanted. With my height I was always slouching in pictures. I didn’t learn how to walk tall and walk proud. Even though people would tell me I had beautiful legs I didn’t always believe them. Especially when buying clothes…it can be frustrating.

I had wanted to get into yoga and feel more confident. Being in a group of wonderful women where everyone is embracing themselves and loving themselves has definitely helped me the same way. When I get home my husband can tell….I’m glowing!

I can walk in heels now, which I don’t normally do. I’ve learned to move my hips. The whole thing is exciting. I’m new to the area and the classes have helped me meet other women. It was a great way to move into the area.

My husband and I are looking for a house to buy and I absolutely want it to have a room for a pole!

Mara S., 47, Massage Therapist
There has been something missing, inside of me, for a very long time. Somewhere between building a business with my husband, raising children, working on worthy causes, a difficult pregnancy, family responsibilities etc., I lost myself. Enrolling in Yoga Flirt has been the key to getting me “unstuck”. This program is helping me rebuild my self esteem, confidence and physical and mental strength. No to mention the fact that it is so much fun!

One of the greatest gifts that Yoga Flirt has given to me is self acceptance. All that is required of me is to be fully present and to embrace the incredible feeling that Yoga Flirt inspires…a joyful and even spiritual feeling.

Kelleigh S., 39, Nurse
I love Yoga Flirt because of the wonderful physical changes, the sisterhood it provides, and inside I am a much happier person.

Lynda H., 47, Senior Programs Coordinator
I love so much about the studio and the classes. The workouts are outstanding, the pole dancing is thrilling, the sensual discovery is mind blowing, and the very best part for me has been the wonderful connection with such a diverse group of women.

Victoria K., 19, Student
Yoga Flirt is the highlight of my week. Thank you all for helping me to become comfortable in my own skin.

Terra A., Mom
Fabulous, fun and comfortable!

Kelsey O., 20, Student
I have had sooo much fun! I always dread going to the gym and this has become a fabulous and fun way to work out!

Barbara R., 39, Counselor

That’s funny that you asked (about what Yoga Flirt means to me). I grew up in an alcoholic household and my family never told me I was pretty. I was never taught how to be a girl, to do my hair and make-up. When I was little I had beautiful long, red, curly hair. My mother cut it as short as a boy’s so it would be easy for her.

Of course my husband told me I was sexy and pretty, but I never believed him.

Yoga Flirt has taught me how to be a woman. I move differently. I walk differently. I shop differently. I dance sexy. I know now what it means to be sexy. This class has taught me that.

Jill P., 49, Teacher
Yoga put me in touch with my inner warrior-goddess, which gave me the strength to beat cancer. Yoga Flirt is about drawing on that strength and putting that warrior-goddess energy to work in my daily life. I feel empowered!

More from Jill:
“I had to wait to start Yoga Flirt until I was strong enough because I was recovering from cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Cathy had been my yoga teacher since the day she opened her yoga studio, and her private classes kept me strong and helped me fight. My core was very weak from three abdominal surgeries, and Cathy said Yoga Flirt would help me to regain that strength.

My love for Cathy and implicit trust in her helped me to step way out of my comfort zone and take level one. So, before Yoga Flirt I was physically weak, terrified of spinning on a pole and terrified of going upside down.

Now that I have completed level four, I look back at my Yoga Flirt journey and marvel at what is has given me. While I have yet to climb to the top of the pole or master inverting, every class, every Open Pole, every Inner Journey Workshop and every Summer Strength class brought me closer to those goals and helped me to steadily gain strength.

It gave me the courage and the self-confidence to continue going to class when my skills didn’t progress as rapidly as the other flirts. Everyone took the concept of Ahimsa to heart and there was no judgment, ever.
I feel like the universe sent Cathy to me personally to enrich my spirit, my body and my mind. Yoga Flirt has given me so much and it has changed me in profound ways. All this, and it’s so much fun it makes me feel like I’m a child spinning on those bars I was always afraid of, plus it has taught me how to be sexy in an entirely new and exciting way.

Autumn W., 26, Payroll Administrator

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy and look forward to my class every Thursday! What you have put together is such an empowering, fun, confidence-building environment where we can all connect with each other and enjoy being a woman (while getting a great workout!)

Kelsey is a fabulous instructor – she is helpful, funny and makes everyone feel very comfortable.

Jen N., 42, Emergency Room Nurse
I just signed up for yoga flirt 5 and I thought it was a good time to let you know how much I appreciate you and your inspiration to us women who, for some reason, forget about ourselves with the daily grind of being a wife, mother, supporter, money maker, house cleaner, counselor, mentor, animal feeder, bill payer, accountant…etc. etc. etc…

My life changed the day I started with yoga flirt! Nothing can take back the way I feel about my inner self now! And for that I want to thank you! There is other stuff like, I feel great physically, I lost 20 pounds, and I can do pull ups now!!!

Heather S., 26, Dental Hygienist
Fabulous class!!! Julie is a great teacher and really made class a comfortable and inviting environment. I felt comfortable to wear shorts and let all worries go. Awesome!! I can’t wait for Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6!

Sanna R., 36, RN
I have a fabulous time in class. Julie and Michelle are fantastic. They made me feel so much better during my transition and move to SLO county. Thanks!

Chandra C., Psychiatric Technician
I love this class. In just six weeks it has booted my confidence, self-esteem, and has made me feel sexy. Its an amazing workout. And I wait all week just for my class to come.

I feel so much more comfortable with my body. Thank you so much.

Denise B., Personal Trainer
Thank you so much for a wonderful 6 weeks! I feel awesome and have had a wonderful time getting back into shape with you!

Rachel D.
The hardest workout I’ve ever had! Plus so much fun!

Nicole L., Vet-Tech
I have been a part of a few women’s fitness groups and this is the only one that was continuously fun, exciting, and empowering. Best EVER.

Angela L., 33, Barista/Interior Design Student
I decided to attempt YF a few months ago… and LOVED it. It’s been a great way to work out and have fun. I thought I knew what this whole “pole dancing thing” was all about. But I attended my first level 5 class last Monday, and I could barely keep my jaw off of the floor. I was so amazed and moved by the power those women had over their bodies, and it made me realize the power I had developed over mine. Not just in physical strength, but the power to own my physical beauty, my sensuality and sexuality!

I would recommend YF to any woman on the planet, regardless of age, weight or background. I can’t describe the feeling of freedom that comes from completely letting go and finding out what happens when you don’t hold back! It can be scary, but it’s SO worth it.

Wendy D., 32, Teacher
Taking Yoga Flirt classes has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life because it reminded me how important it is to do something for myself; also, it is such a blast spending time with a group of fun loving women. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

Emily C., 33, Teacher
I just want you to know how much I am loving class. I think all of the things that you advertise are true. More self confidence, happier, feeling more beautiful…It is amazing what pole dancing (and I really don’t think it’s so much the pole dancing but the whole class itself) does for you. So, this is a really heartfelt thank you. I am so grateful to everything you bring to us.

Zoe A., 34, Spa Director
I just wanted to let you know I LOVED my first class last night! Julie is a great instructor!!! She has just the right personality for this. She is kind, encouraging, and really makes everyone feel comfortable and non-judged. Not once did I feel that she wavered. She didn’t get frustrated with any of us, and kept the atmosphere light and happy.

I feel like I have no rhythm, but I really think this class is going to help me! It was so fun.

Michelle was a great assistant too, letting Julie lead, and being supportive of her and all of us the whole way through. (I’ve been in classes where the assistant gets in the way of the main instructor) These 2 work well together.

I cant wait until I am stronger (Especially the arms) and more graceful and sexy! You have created a wonderful environment, that is healing and self-esteem boosting. Thank you!

Amber N., 28, Administrative Assistant
I wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed the class….my favorite part is the cheering section at the end of class. It has given me a different kind of self confidence and I love the way I feel after class. This is the first “exercise” class I have ever looked forward to.

Karen V., 33, Preschool Director
Dear Cathy – Taken from the Weight Watchers Website: Do you forgo the office pizza because you’re afraid people will think you shouldn’t be eating? Seeing yourself through others’ eyes in a harsh, critical way “is a surefire way to blow a weight-loss plan,” says psychologist Debra Mandel. Instead, she suggests, it’s more effective to focus on developing a more loving relationship with your body. A study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that those who started out accepting their bodies were more than twice as likely to lose weight than those who felt dissatisfied or ashamed.

Practicing the Non-harming philosophy you teach in Yoga Flirt has had a BIG impact on the way I think to and about myself. I have absolutely found this to be true and I want you to know how much Yoga Flirt is impacting my weight loss journey. I now look at myself and try to appreciate my body where I am, rather than where I wish I was. It’s still a daily struggle, but I’m working toward this every day.

Thanks for the help and inspiration to be KIND to myself!

More from Karen:
“Before Yoga Flirt, life was busy. I’m married and have have 3 children ages 11, 8 and 6. I own a preschool, and work two side jobs. Somehow in the business of life, I lost sight of myself and I didn’t even realize it had happened.

I gained weight. I felt frumpy, and sometimes even invisible. My life was good, but mostly I just wanted to get through one day to start on the next one. I felt like a “mom”.

Now that I’ve been taking Yoga Flirt for a year and a half, things are different. I’m still married. I still have 3 kids. I still work 3 jobs, but I am different.

All the things Cathy advertises are completely true. I’ve done something exciting. I walk taller and with more confidence. I FEEL sexy.

Everyone I know has seen change in me. I don’t feel invisible anymore. People look at me differently. Outwardly, I look the same, but from the inside I glow. I feel alive and radiant.

In some of the upper levels, I have struggled with some of the skills we learn, but it’s okay. I have made lifelong friends in Yoga Flirt. I have felt safe and supported, never judged. I’ve come out of my shell, and I LOVE it.

I am so, so glad I took a risk and joined a pole dancing class. It has touched my life, my spirit, and allowed me to fly in a way I never would have imagined.”

Michelle A., 39, Service Writer
All week long at work I’m dragging and irritable. But on Thursdays about 2:00 it kicks in…sexy woman class tonight! Then I feel excited, happy and I’m bouncin’ off the walls!

Michelle J., 30, Teacher
Yay! I’m so excited! Also, just wanted to say I am so glad to be back in the “grove” and going to yoga Tuesdays and Yoga Flirt Thursdays. It’s the perfect combination. Again, I am so glad you have opened a studio in the North County!

Megan S.,19, Pre-K Teacher
I have always wanted to take a class like this and I was finally given the opportunity. I was always self confident, but I had no idea that the confidence within myself could get stronger. Yoga Flirt helped me get in touch with myself. Every woman has that one thing about themselves that they think everyone notices and will drive yourself crazy. When your inside the class… all that seems to disappear!

I have come to love the most amazing group of women and we are all very different from each other. But through Yoga Flirt I feel that I have developed a sisterhood with these women and I love every moment I spend with them! I am so blessed to be able to go through this amazing journey with you all!

Diana S., 48, Student
Oh, I love it! Watch out Cirque de Soleil…here I come!

Anne D., 52, Retired
(at the end of YF1 session) I feel euphoric!

Carri W., 41, So. Cal Gas
When I got to class I was grouchy, cranky and hormonal. Now (after class) I feel fantastic! (Classmate Melissa added…)

Melissa B., 49, Esthetician
My shirt is drenched!

Linda W., 48, Systems Analyst
This is fun! Its like playing on the jungle gym for adults!

Meghan S., 27, Marketing Rep.
I just wanted to give you some feedback on the class on Saturday…AWESOME!! Not only did I get an amazing workout, because I could barely get out of bed the next day, but I really feel like you provide so much encouragement and positive energy. I think that this class is really going to do a lot for my self esteem and help me get in touch with myself. Besides all those wonderful things, it will also get me back in shape. Nothing but good things to say! So, THANK YOU so much for the amazing class. I look forward to more sessions.

More from Meghan:
Yoga Flirt has been a transformation for me. I remember walking into my first class about a year and a half ago. I had no idea what to expect, but just like with any new thing, I was nervous. I used to be a creature of habit, so this was quite a bit out of my norm.

Class started with the direction from Cathy that all attendees had to have their hair down. If you knew me before Yoga Flirt, you would know that me and hair down just didn’t go together, but since it was a rule, I did it. After the initial shock and embarassment, I started to enjoy what was happening. I was starting to feel a little sexy and I was having fun doing it! Sexy…another word that just didn’t go with me and who I was. I had never really felt sexy or knew what it meant to be doing it for yourself! I was hooked!!

After a year and a half, minus a 6 month maternity leave, I am still loving it! Yoga Flirt has taught me how to do things for myself, things that make me feel good! I wear my hair down now, which is a huge change in my life! I know how to be sexy! I even move my yoga mat at the beginning of class to a spot that I have never been before! I have broken out of my shell, little by little. With each class, I am still transforming into something fun and new. It’s been such an awesome experience so far and I can’t wait for more!