Our Story

Cathy Weiss – Founder

web1In the fall of 2003, I was an elementary school teacher and had been practicing yoga for about 7 years. My hubby and I were headed to Catalina to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  I was an Oprah fan and was always trying to sneak in watching an episode when I wasn’t working.  On the drive to port I saw an ad for Oprah’s show on how to unleash your inner sexpot.  Of course I had to watch.

We happened to return to our room from a long hike right as Oprah came on, there I saw a school teacher much like myself.  Cute. Normal.  School teacher-ish.  Sheila Kelly taught her a simple pole dance routine…if you saw this episode you know what I’m talking about.  It was beautiful, sexy, and tasteful.  She wore a track suit.  Nothing racy, no nudity.  Her husband cried it was so amazing.  I had to do that!

A few weeks later I was in my first intro class and didn’t stop pole dancing for the next two years.  I went almost every week, maybe missing four classes that whole time.  I loved feeling sexy and womanly rather than just cute.  I got strong!!  And curvy.  Pole dancing really accentuated my feminine shape.  The feeling of flying around the pole is indescribable.

I found pole dancing similar to yoga in that it becomes a moving meditation.  It takes you deep inside yourself and you truly can connect to your authentic self.  It becomes less about “performing” and more about feeling.  There was never any judgment in the room.  The women in class were more supportive than anyone I’ve ever met.

My last class was a sad day for me, but I was about to begin yoga teacher training and my plate was very full.  (I was still teaching school).  After the training was complete, the search for a house on the Central Coast began, then moving and opening Yoga in the Vines left no room in my life for pole dancing.  But I missed it!

In November 2008 two fabulous ladies, Diane Flores and Tina Kelly, of Venus Pole Fitness taught an intro to pole fitness class at YITV and it was a huge hit.  I knew it was time to bring pole dancing to the Central Coast.  But there was an important missing element.

Pole dancing lacked the wisdom of yoga and yoga lacked the embracing of the female body.  I decided to combine the two and Yoga Flirt was born.  Yoga Flirt uses the wisdom of yoga not found in other pole dancing/pole fitness classes to create physical and energetic balance in the body.  The floor and pole moves  are done on both the left and right side to balance strength and flexibility.  The energetic highs of flying around the pole are evened out with calming, centering floor work.

I’m excited to teach you this amazing, empowering, sexy workout.  Come learn how to fly!