Meet our Models



Becca-Headshot-smallRebecca, aka Becca, is a 30 year old wife and mother of 2. She is a Yoga Flirt instructor, bartender and self-proclaimed awesome wife and mom. She is also awesome at cooking and says, “I love to play and create delicious meals or snacks that are easy but my husband RAVES about.” Few people know she was homeschooled all of school and she graduated high school at age 15.

“Before Yoga Flirt life was boring, oppressive, stressful…It was not good. Now it is amazing. I have been able to let many things about my past go. I have learned what it really means to embrace myself and others. I can find and explore new things.

Through these posters, I hope that women can see the differences in body types and understand that everything is doable. It is meaningful because I was able to accept my body where it was at – less than 4 months post pregnancy.

I want all women to know you are beautiful and amazing. Believe it.”


Bree-Headshot-smallBree is 22 and single. She is a waitress and nanny and is awesome at making people smile. Few people know that she never danced before Yoga Flirt.

“Before Yoga Flirt my life was boring. I didn’t have much to look forward to week to week. I was super shy, reserved, modest, not sexy at all. Now life is so amazing. I am so happy, much more outgoing. I feel beautiful,confident with my body, and even sexy! I’m stronger than I have ever been. Life is beautiful.

These posters are meaningful to me because they show all different body types, hair types, ethnicities and skin tones and everyone is sexy and beautiful in their own way.

I wish all women believed that no matter what your body looks like, your body is just as perfect as the next person.”


Carrie-Headshot-smallCarrie is a 30 year old chiropractic assistant. She currently lives alone and is awesome at karaoke, making soap, and painting. She considers herself an “open book, there’s nothing about myself that’s really kept a ‘secret’ “.

“Before Yoga Flirt my life was really lazy, kind of boring and definitely not as sexy. Now life is more physical, and more sensual. I’m more comfortable with the way my body moves.

I’m honored to be asked to be a part of these posters, with all these beautiful women all in higher levels than me! I think it’s important for women to see how different we all are and how super sexy any size/shape/color woman really is.

I wish all women understood that they’ll miss out on a lot of amazing experiences if they live in fear of change and trying new things.”


Cathy-Headshot-smallCathy is 41, married and the founder of Yoga Flirt. She owns and runs the studio, is the lead Yoga Flirt instructor and also teaches traditional yoga. She is awesome at reading books, doing swimming pool “karate”, and baking her famous cookies like flour-less peanut butter chocolate chip. Not too many people know that she is also a Certified Reading Specialist.

“Yoga Flirt has been such a huge part of my life since 2009 it is almost hard to remember what life was like before it came to be. Looking back I can see how all of my life’s experiences prepared me to bring this Divine gift to women.

Now life is exciting. Special. Thrilling. Emotional in the best way possible. I feel honored to help women feel better in their lives and watching someone transform the way she sees herself is indescribably beautiful and powerful.

I wanted to created these posters for a while and finally felt ready. It was an experience of true collaboration with an incredible team, each woman bringing her best work to the project. It also delights me to know that by allowing our own Lights to shine we will be helping women around the world to do the same through our contributions to

One thing I would love to tell all women comes simply in this quote from Aibileen Clark in The Help, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”


Donna-Headshot-smallDonna is 49, self-employed and in a relationship. She is awesome with horses, a great singer and wonderful friend. Not too many people know that she is almost 50!

“Before Yoga Flirt my life was fairly conservative. Not spicy; not Flirty. Now I’m totally letting my hair down and going for it! I’m 49 and I don’t care what anybody thinks.

Since I’m newer to Yoga Flirt, it was an honor to be involved with the posters and to be an example to the really new students.

I wish more women friends would believe in getting in touch with their feminine side and to accept and love their bodies to the max.”


Kayli-Headshot-smallKayli is a 22 year old student at Cal Poly and a Yoga Flirt instructor. She lives alone and has a boyfriend. She is awesome at making people smile. Most people would be surprised to know she was the tallest kid in her 5th grade class, “I don’t think I’ve grown since!”

“Before Yoga Flirt life was predictable and plain. It was fun, but I knew something was missing. Now life is sexy! I see myself, other women and life much more beautifully than I ever have before. I have new found confidence and strength in me that I didn’t even know was possible.

I want to help women find the strength to embrace their femininity through my courage, my strength and my beauty shown in these posters.

I want all women to know that you are beautiful and confident and have the strength to do whatever you set your mind to.”


Kellee is 38, married and a graphic designer and Yoga Flirt instructor. She is awesome at making an amazing carrot cake! Few people know that she traveled around the world horse vaulting when she was younger.

“Before Yoga Flirt life was repetitive – same thing, different day. Now life is much more exciting! The poster project is meaningful to me because I love showing the diversity in women.

One thing I wish all women understood is that we are all beautiful.”


Shelley-headshot-smallShelley is a 32 year old wife and mother of 2. She is a research assistant for a biotechnology company and a Yoga Flirt instructor. She is awesome at being a mom, scrapbooking and crafting. Not too many people know she also does martial arts.

“Life was good before Yoga Flirt, but I was lacking self-confidence and was not comfortable in my own body. Life is still great now however I am more confident especially around my husband. I am more comfortable letting my sexy side show through.

These posters are meaningful to me because I know they show different body types and that they are all beautiful in their own way.

I wish all women knew that we are all beautiful, we just need to learn to embrace that beauty. The most important person that needs to know it is yourself.”