Kayli – Flirt Princess




Occupation other than YF instructor: Agribusiness student at Cal Poly

Live with:Myself

Pets?:none right now

Astrological sign:Capricorn

Favorite time of day:When my head hits my pillow at night

I first tried pole dancing/fitness in: 2010 because: it sounded like a fun way to get strong and do something exciting

I keep coming back because:Yoga Flirt brings peace to my busy life. It makes me feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A favorite pole move: no-handed descending dancer

Favorite song(s) to Flirt to: Oh boy…there are so many! Sail by Awolnation; The Crow & the Butterfly by the Sound of Madness; Outro by M83; My Chick Bad by Ludacris; Lace & Leather by Brittany Spears…basically any song with a good beat!

Other hobbies/interests:Cooking, dancing of any kind, spending time with my family, camping

A book I would recommend reading: 10 Stupid Things Women do to Mess Up Their Lives by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

What is your spice of life?:A smile

One of my favorite quotes:Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.

How do you celebrate the successes in your life?:Treat myself to something that I feel I am needing whether it be a night out to celebrate or a nice, relaxing bubble bath.

What brings you joy?: Knowing that I have family, friends, and loved ones in my life that will always be there for me.

I’m passionate about: Making a positive difference in this world.

5 things I can’t live without: hugs, water, warm socks, my family and my amazingly comfortable bed!

But could easily give up: the morning “getting ready” routine

Last time I laughed so hard my sides ached: Watching Despicable Me 2 trailers with my boyfriend. Those little minion dudes are so cute and funny!

An inspirational person in my life: My parents are both very inspirational to me. They have shown me what the power of love, strength, and determination can achieve.

A pivotal moment in my life:Starting college and becoming a Yoga Flirt Princess

Final thoughts: Yoga Flirt is like a family to me. It is where I have grown stronger both in my physical body and in my soul. I absolutely love being in the studio, letting my hair down, and connecting with myself and the other beautiful ladies in class.