Bree – Flirt Princess




Occupation other than YF instructor: Waitress

Live with: My dad and brother


Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Favorite time of day: afternoon

I first tried pole dancing/fitness in: (month & or year)October 2012

because:I wanted to try something new and outside my comfort zone.

I keep coming back because:Yoga Flirt makes me so excited and builds up my confidence. And it’s a good workout.

A favorite pole move:Funky Monkey

Favorite song(s) to Flirt to:Madness, Shawty is a 10, Motivation

Other hobbies/interests: Crossfit, coloring :), make-up

A book I would recommend reading: Heaven is for Reals

What is your spice of life?:Laughter

One of my favorite quotes:“So when your eulogy is being read, With your life’s actions to rehash, Would you be proud of the things they say, About how you spent your dash?” The Dash Poem by Linda Ellis

How do you celebrate the successes in your life?: Treating myself to a pedicure or buying something cute

What brings you joy?:Babies! And making people smile.

I’m passionate about: My family and my friends that are pretty much my family.

5 things I can’t live without:my family, friends, Starbucks, laughing, blankets

But could easily give up: watching TV

Last time I laughed so hard my sides ached:post girls’ night and the pictures taken

An inspirational person in my life: My Mommy

A pivotal moment in my life:When I had to become grown up literally over night.

Final thoughts:Yoga Flirt has been a life changer for me. It is a place where I can go and feel safe. It’s a break from the stress and craziness on the other side of the doors. I love it so much.