Q & A

Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear regular workout clothes similar to what you would wear to the gym or a Hatha yoga class. Yoga Flirt is practiced barefoot unless otherwise stated by your instructor.

Q: Can I wear jewelry?

A: No, please leave finger and toe rings, bracelets, and watches at home. They can be easily damaged by the pole and we don’t want you to lose them at the studio.

Q: What can I do to ensure I won’t slip on the poles?

Please do not wear lotion on your hands, arms, legs, or feet on the day of your class. It gets very slippery and makes pole work even more challenging than it already is!

Q: Will people not enrolled in class be allowed to watch?

A: No, your privacy is respected at all times. Please arrive on time. In order to maintain privacy during class, the door will be locked. We don’t want to lock you out.

Q: What if I can’t make it to my regularly scheduled class?

A: Make every effort to attend your regular class as you build a supportive bond with classmates.
We understand life gets in the way sometimes and you can do one make up in another class per session.

Q: I don’t think I’m sexy…can I still take class?

A: Yes! Each class is an opportunity to grow not only physically but spiritually and emotionally as well. Please leave any pre-conceived notions of beauty (your own and others) outside the door. Enjoy yourself and allow others the space to enjoy themselves.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know?

A: Be prepared to sweat and have a great time. A small towel and water are recommended.