Class Descriptions

All Yoga Flirt classes will build and balance strength, flexibility, self-confidence and help your discover your beautiful body. All classes are open to women ages 18 and older only.

All 8 week series classes are semi-private, limited to 12 students per class so that you receive individualized instruction plus quantity and quality time on the poles.

Intro to Yoga Flirt

This 90 minute workshop will introduce you to Yoga Flirt. You will warm up with some sensuous, yoga based movement, begin to discover your signature sexy walk, learn basic pole safety, and a glorious spin on the pole. Participation in Intro to Yoga Flirt is NOT required to begin with Yoga Flirt 1.

8 Week Yoga Flirt Series Classes

These classes meet once a week for 90 minutes. Series classes are designed to build skills
in succession. Levels must be taken in order to safely build pole skills.

All classes are semi-private, limited to 12 students for both quantity and quality time on the poles.
Students receive one on one instruction in all classes.

Any student is welcome to begin with Yoga Flirt 1 without taking Intro to Yoga Flirt.
See below for level descriptions.

Open Pole Practice

Come and go any time during Open Pole Practice. Held the first Friday of every month. All current and past YF students who have participated in any class series are welcome to come enjoy a relaxed, fun atmosphere. There’s plenty of great music and tons of pole time to practice your moves under the guidance of an instructor.
You’ll also meet women from other classes/levels who offer lots of inspiration, support and laughs! Always a great time!

For your safety, please honor your level and do not attempt any moves you have not been taught. Please do not instruct or ask another student for instructions.

Structured Open Pole Practice

Formatted similar to a regular Yoga Flirt class, please arrive on time and stay through the end class. All current and past YF students who have participated in any class series are welcome to come enjoy a warm-up that includes abdominal exercises, time to practice pole moves and routines, and savasana (final relaxation).

For your safety, please honor your level and do not attempt any moves you have not been taught. Please do not instruct or ask another student for instructions.

Strength Class

50 minutes of all the best floor and pole strengthening moves only, the perfect compliment to your 8 Week Series. Get stronger faster and see improvement in all aspects of your practice.

Traditional Yoga

Wisely sequenced yoga for women. The ultimate goal of yoga is to help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. These classes include wisely sequenced yoga poses that incorporate some of the subtle aspects of a deeper yoga practice such as pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra.

Yoga Flirt 1: The Basics

Warm up with simple, sensuous yoga based floor work.
Discover your signature, sexy walk and crawl.
Learn pole safety, basic spins and bends.
Start to work on a routine.
Yoga Flirt 1 is practiced barefoot.

Yoga Flirt 2: Going Up!

Warm up with more sensuous yoga based floor work.
Take your walk higher…add 6″ stilettos if you want.
Learn basic climbing and sliding techniques.
Refine your spins and bends.
Continue with the routine from Yoga Flirt 1.

Yoga Flirt 3: Upside Down!

Warm up by learning how to combine floor movement.
Learn basic pole inversions.
Continue to refine pole moves learned in Yoga Flirt 1 & 2.
Discover your inner Yoga Flirt…learn to choose music that matches your mood.
Polish your routine.

Yoga Flirt 4: Put it Together

Warm up with sensuous yoga based movement and experiment with transitions, flare, and your own combinations.
Learn how to combine spins, bends, and inversions.
Learn more challenging pole moves.
Escape from the “routine”, finding your inner Yoga Flirt as you dance and move the way your body desires.
Add clothing layers or outfits that inspire you to be in the moment.

Yoga Flirt 5A: Letting Go

Level 5A is taken immediately after Level 4 and is mandatory prior to Level 6.
You’re now an “ongoing” Yoga Flirt.
Begin to learn more advanced pole moves, including hands-free moves!
Continue to learn and experiment during floor, pole, and dance work.
Learn to truly honor yourself in each moment as you mentally let go.

Yoga Flirt 5B: Level 6 Prep

Level 5B is optional and may be taken after Level 5A. Open to any student who has completed Level 5A.
Continue to practice and refine floor and pole moves learned in Level 5A.
Additional focus on strength and preparatory pole moves for Level 6.
Additional focus on sensuality in freestyle dance.
This is the perfect class for any student who would like more time before beginning Level 6, great for returning students to come back to, and the best add-on for Level 6 and 7 students.

Yoga Flirt 6: Continue to Grow

For continuing Yoga Flirts, each session will focus on specific on-going skills.

Sessions will include Extra Goodies (variations and other movements not yet covered), Climbs and Mounts,
Inversions, Handstands, and Students’ Choice (working on skills as selected by the class).

Practice moving from a place of internal connection rather than an external performance for an audience.

Entry Level 7: Prepare for Up In the Air

This class is for students who are new to Level 7 (see description below), or who have taken more than 1 session off from Level 7 and are returning to the practice.

Prerequisites include instructor approval and a minimum of six continuous sessions (one year) in Level 6. The following sessions must have been taken: Extra Goodies 1 & 2, Climbs, Slides & Mounts, Inversions and Handstands.

Yoga Flirt 7: In the Air

Once you have learned and refined the more challenging moves from Level 6, learn to combine them with aerial transitions and combinations. Level 7 requires a comfortable and consistent handstand, climbing and inversion practice.

Prerequisites include instructor approval, a minimum of six continuous sessions (one year) in Level 6, and some time in Entry Level 7. Time spent in Entry Level 7 varies by student and will be considered on an individual basis.

Sample aerial combination: Side Climb into Back Slide into Shoulder Mount without touching the floor.

Play in the air!