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Our Community Rocks!

May 17, 2011 • (3) Comments

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to take a yoga class at a local studio. This in and of itself is a rare treat for me. I usually practice both yoga and pole at home because my daily schedule conflicts with classes offered at most studios. I enjoy my home practice and it keeps […]

The Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome

May 10, 2011 • (0) Comments

“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Yep. The problem is tomorrow never comes. When I think of just my Yoga practice, there are several things that I like to put off until tomorrow. Things that are difficult, challenging, or just down right uncomfortable. […]

Notes on Love

Apr 20, 2011 • (0) Comments

I have a little notebook that I take with me on my annual yoga retreat to write down ideas I want to remember from all of the amazing teachings I experience. There are so many wonderful gems I could never remember them all. This morning I was looking back at my notes and found something […]

Looking Around!

Apr 12, 2011 • (2) Comments

This past weekend Hubby and I snuck away for a mini vacation to Big Sur. We went to our favorite campground and stayed for 2 nights. It was perfect! Every time we go to Big Sur we go to Pfiffer Beach with the dogs. It gives them a chance to run around off leash after […]

Life is Work…

Apr 06, 2011 • (0) Comments

That’s right. Life is work. If you are living you have work to do. Much of it is the mundane stuff you may or may not consider work. Laundry, dishes, meal preparation, toilet scrubbing. On top of day to day life work of just taking care of ourselves, many of us are also raising children […]

Lessons from the Mat

Mar 30, 2011 • (0) Comments

I truly believe that our yoga practice is a reflection of our life. How we are on the mat, the way we approach poses and pole moves, how we react to our “performance” that day, etc. is a light shining intou our hearts, souls and minds to teach us more about ourselves in the real […]

Feeling Like a Broken Record

Mar 16, 2011 • (0) Comments

Hopefully the younger Flirts out there will at least have an idea of what a record is….otherwise imagine a CD with a scratch on it that keeps skipping and playing the same part over and over. That’s a bit how I feel about today’s post. My message isn’t entirely new, but I think valuable in […]

Permission to do what?!

Mar 08, 2011 • (1) Comments

There is a lot of jargon in the air these days about finding your authentic self, living your life’s purpose, living your best life, living in the present moment. First, I totally agree with these sentiments. Second, I agree they can be vague, confusing and even frustrating when you’re trying to do these things and […]

The Biggest Yoga Mistake

Mar 01, 2011 • (0) Comments

Imagine brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth twice a day every day for a year. At the end of that year you visit the dentist and get a glowing report of no cavities, hardly any plaque, a beautiful radiant smile. Since all your hard work and dedication provided such wonderful results you decide you no […]

I’m Noticing a Theme…

Feb 22, 2011 • (1) Comments

There is a word in Sanskrit, the language of yoga, abhinivesa that means fear. Fear seems to be a theme for me the last couple of days and is a huge area that trips me up on staying present, practicing equanimity, and finding the state of union in mind, body, breath and spirit that I […]

Honor your Body

Feb 16, 2011 • (2) Comments

A woman’s body is designed to move through cycles. Each month our hormones fluctuate which means our energy and our moods also fluctuate. Part of being a healthy woman is to pay attention to your own cycles and notice those fluctuations so that then you can treat your body in the way it needs each […]

Love is a Verb

Feb 14, 2011 • (1) Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day! A perfect day to talk about love, but in my opinion not the only day. In our home, every day is Valentine’s Day. When the word love comes up it is often thought of as a feeling. Passion, tenderness, deep concern for other’s well being. However, without action those feelings fade and […]