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F*** Forty!

Oct 11, 2011 • (1) Comments

I turn 40 on Oct. 14, 2011. F***. First, let me just acknowledge that I do understand deeply and with great gratitude that I do not “look” 40, whatever that means these days. I have a youthful appearance and attitude to which I credit my 15 year old yoga practice. It is most common for […]

My Yoga Angel

Oct 07, 2011 • (4) Comments

In March of this year I was honored and proud to host the Kicking Cancer Carnival for Jill Hayward-Pentoney. A strong, big hearted, loving woman, Jill was battling what started out as fallopian tube cancer that had spread elsewhere in her body. Our amazing community of Flirts came together and raised $9,000 to help replace […]

How to Attract Greater Abundance in Your Life

Sep 20, 2011 • (4) Comments

Last week I wrote about trusting your instinct and how by simply doing that I had a huge shift in how I see abundance. This shift was so incredible and yet so simple that I have to share it with you, so that you too can attract greater abundance in your life. Near the end […]

Trust Your Instinct for a Miraculous Life!

Sep 14, 2011 • (2) Comments

A funny thing happened when I learned to truly trust and follow my instinct – my life became full of miraculous happenings! It is both so easy and so difficult to trust your own instinct. On one hand, it is all you at your most authentic, always guiding you on the right path even if […]

3 Reasons to Have a Meltdown

Aug 30, 2011 • (2) Comments

Ah, stress. So much a part of our lives that it can be easy to just let it simmer in the background. If you’re anything like me, you check on it, monitor it, do some yoga and breathing exercises to keep it from boiling over. Every once in a while I even let a little […]

I’m a Yoga Mama

Aug 16, 2011 • (7) Comments

Like many parents out there, I worry about my kiddos. It just so happens that my kiddos are my yoga and Yoga Flirt students. Whether male or female, traditional or Flirt, if you’ve taken class from me enough for me to know your name, you are in my thoughts. And it really only takes about […]

The Dis-Comfort Zone

Jul 18, 2011 • (0) Comments

We are all very familiar with the comfort zone, places in our lives where we shine, experience ease, freedom and even joy. For me teaching and practicing yoga and pole fitness are completely in my comfort zone. I love learning new, pretzel-y, balance-y yoga poses and challenging pole moves like the Holly Drop. I know, […]

A Little Surprise for Becca

Jul 06, 2011 • (0) Comments

Today’s blog is a special treat, written by Becca about a wonderful surprise! The Seriousness of a BUTT SMACK I got a surprise in class the other night… my students gave me a wonderful gift. Unbenownced to me, they decided that for the last class of their session with me, they would have some fun […]

Ocean Waves

Jun 22, 2011 • (0) Comments

Hot summer days are perfect for standing at the edge of the ocean, watching the waves roll in and out. It can be hypnotic and therapeutic. There is something so calming about the rhythmic, constant ebb and flow of the ocean. Each wave must pull back to make room and space for the next wave […]

Sensuality and Yoga is…

Jun 13, 2011 • (2) Comments

…like peanut butter and chocolate. Great separately, but together an amazing, delightful and decadent combination. First, it is important to understand the meaning of both Yoga and sensuality. “The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.” While the yoga sutras may not always use modern terminology, this is the goal of yoga – […]

Saying Good-Bye

Jun 06, 2011 • (0) Comments

Those of you who are in my class or who know me well know I am a self-proclaimed “Oprah dork”. And for those of you who don’t know me as well, I am a self-proclaimed “Oprah dork.” I say that about myself with love, it’s one of my quirks that makes me charming and who […]

Yoga Flirt=Better Sex!

May 23, 2011 • (0) Comments

Yes, it is true that women taking Yoga Flirt classes have better sex and there is no need to hide or keep this fact a secret. There are three main ways that Yoga Flirt contributes to a better sex life. The first is probably what most consider the most obvious. The second, may be less […]