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So, what did you learn?

Jul 24, 2012 • (2) Comments

In the past 24 or so hours I have been asked the following two questions as least a dozen times, “Are you finished with your 300 Hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training program?” and “What did you learn?” Let me say a heart-felt thank you to everyone who is asking, I am delighted that you are […]

Mile Marker 17

May 31, 2012 • (2) Comments

Imagine a marathon runner, 17 miles or 2/3 of the way done. Maybe she is having some physical pain or her mental focus has started to drift. She knows she has the strength and stamina to finish and she resolves to dig deep, refocus and continue using positive thoughts to get her to the finish […]

And the Angels Sang

May 08, 2012 • (4) Comments

The most amazing thing happened on Sunday – the angels sang through me as me! This is HUGE. Here’s why it’s huge not only for me but also for you. I have had a long held, very deep belief, in yoga known as a samaskara, that I could not sing. I knew this to be […]

To Yoga, With Love

May 05, 2012 • (0) Comments

Dear Yoga, I love you. You are magic. You heal. You nourish. You transform. Like the sun, you unconditionally and ceaselessly shine your light and give your warmth to any and all who choose to turn their faces to you. You are never ending and have enough for everyone. I am forever in awe, filled […]

Top 5 BEST things about Yoga Flirt

Apr 16, 2012 • (0) Comments

Yoga Flirt has really turned out to be a pretty darn fabulous experience. It is a Divine gift to the women of our community. I often say, “I’m smart, but not that smart.” Yoga Flirt and it’s practices came through me rather than from me. Now that it has been around for a bit I […]

KA-BOOM! Just like that

Apr 10, 2012 • (0) Comments

KA-BOOM! An explosion of self-love flooded into my not-so-empty anymore bucket around the age of 28. I won’t bore you with the details, but from listening to a dear, soul-mate of a friend discuss her own experiences with co-dependency and a particularly uncomfortable but eye-opening situation 2 huge things happened that shifted my life in […]

A Road Diverged

Mar 24, 2012 • (2) Comments

I was pushed into my discomfort zone. And like the two roads that diverge in the woods I had two paths that I could choose. I could say “F*** that”. I am not going down that overgrown, untended, scary, tangled path. I will choose the comfortable, familiar path and maintain the status quo, even as […]

To Cancer, With Gratitude

Mar 07, 2012 • (2) Comments

Dear Cancer, Yesterday I learned that you claimed the life of Vince LaPointe, one of my first yoga teachers, who taught me so many valuable on and off the mat lessons. Just 5 months ago you also claimed the life of my yoga angel, Jill Pentoney. In this same time frame you have claimed the […]

I’m Crying Therefore My Teacher Rocks

Feb 28, 2012 • (0) Comments

Yes, you read that correctly and it is absolutely true. I have been crying a lot this month. Sometimes just some tears welling up for a moment, other times a deep, sobbing ugly cry that lasts for hours. This is a GOOD thing. Know that I say this will love and true respect, it’s all […]

Drops of Intention

Feb 15, 2012 • (1) Comments

Had I known 15 years ago what incredible transformation was occurring through my yoga practice, I might have paid more attention to when things were going on. Ah, hindsight, always so perfect. Please excuse me for maybe not getting the exact when of these drops in my slightly-less-than-empty-bucket, I do know it was before I […]

Celebrate Transformation With This Special Guest Blogger

Feb 10, 2012 • (0) Comments

Alyssa has been practicing Yoga Flirt for about 3 years now. Her guest blog is the perfect example of why Yoga Flirt came into the world. May her story inspire you to continue, reconnect or begin your own practice. I was discussing with my hubby last night and telling him how my transformation is so […]

Empty Bucket + Time = Transformation

Feb 07, 2012 • (3) Comments

Just yesterday I acquired a little netbook to help me manage Yoga Flirt while I’m away at Teacher Training. One part of the set-up process was to sync my on-line info such as bookmarks, usernames and passwords from my desktop to this little device. I got a code of sorts from the desktop and without […]