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How You Can Flip the Switch

Apr 17, 2013 • (0) Comments

Positive. Negative. Which thought switch do you have turned on? Are you aware or conscious of it? Do you deliberately flip the switch to the energy you want to feel in your life? I regularly turn to the Yoga Sutras to help me feel better in my life. One of my favorites is Sutra 2.33, […]

Just for Fun, a Giggle, and some Inspiraiton

Apr 09, 2013 • (4) Comments

Several years ago in a yoga class, I farted. Yep. There it is. Not a girly, cute little toot. Big. Loud. Explosive. FART!!! Know what happened? 2 people giggled for, like, a second. And class went on. I didn’t die. I didn’t crumple in humiliation. No one pointed fingers and howled at me. It was […]

Join the Word of the Month Sisterhood

Apr 01, 2013 • (3) Comments

Now accepting members into the Word of the Month Sisterhood. Admittedly, I just made that club up right now. I’ve been the only member, privately, since November. It began with my annual practice of gratitude, where each day in November I would post something on Facebook I was grateful for. Please note this was not […]

A Really BIG One

Mar 19, 2013 • (0) Comments

I love BIG ones! Big, a-ha, break-though understandings that can change the direction of life. I recently had one of those types of BIG “getting it” moments, so good and juicy I just had to share with you. The moment of realization was quick to happen, but the transition I made to get there actually […]

Unplugging Fear

Mar 05, 2013 • (0) Comments

Get up out of bed around 7ish. Walk down hallway to kitchen. Get coffee. Head into office. Fire up computer. Begin answering emails. Yep, on a daily basis within 10 minutes of being out of bed I’m on my computer working. My days begin with a sense of hurried urgency. That sense of urgency then […]

The Vibrations of Love and Hate

Jan 29, 2013 • (2) Comments

Did you know that your thoughts are electrical impulses? Did you know that electrical currents travel in a wave, much like sound waves and light waves? The waves created by your thoughts create vibration in your body, one that most of us interpret as feelings. Here’s a quick and easy way to feel the vibration […]

Why, Yoga? Why??

Dec 12, 2012 • (0) Comments

I’ve been practicing this crazy, weird stuff called yoga for 15+ years and lately I have been asking myself the question, “Why?” “Why do you do something so weird, so hard to explain to those who don’t do yoga regularly, and yet so completely normal and natural nothing else makes sense?” The answer is ridiculously […]

Your New Measure of Success

Dec 03, 2012 • (2) Comments

“The standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff. It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel.” ~Abraham-Hicks After participating in the 30 days of gratitude challenge for the last two years, one thing I know for sure is that I have cultivated an attitude of […]

Danger! Curves Ahead

Nov 14, 2012 • (1) Comments

Curves are sexy. Big curves, little curves, your curves, my curves. There was a time when I didn’t really believe that, especially about myself. How could my juicy caboosey possibly be sexy??? Through my practice of yoga and more importantly pole fitness I began to feel sexy, on the inside. I was able to move […]

Vulnerability+Passion= A Universal Appreciation Explosion

Sep 25, 2012 • (0) Comments

A few days ago I watched this moving video. Take the time to watch it now, because my thoughts that follow are really all about what happens near the end. Did you watch? When I saw the audience simply explode with deep, true appreciation for Christoper I thought, “The only thing that can happen when […]

Sexy is a State of Mind

Sep 11, 2012 • (0) Comments

There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. Confident not just in her physical body, but also confident about her values, opinions and beliefs. A woman becomes truly sexy when she expresses her intellect in a way that is both truthful and non-harming to others. As election season kicks into high gear, we have a […]

My Heart Wears a Snow Parka

Aug 29, 2012 • (0) Comments

My heart center, the anahata chakra, wears a dark, navy blue snow parka. It a has a hood, ringed with white fuzz. In February I took a meditation class that focused on this chakra and how to bring awareness and light to this area. I first noticed the snow parka when I began to explore […]