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Powerful Transformation

Nov 20, 2013 • (0) Comments

(This post originally appeared in October 2013 Flirt News & Notes Newsletter) This month I have a wonderful, powerful and inspirational story to share with you. In late 2009 we were preparing to shift from a traditional yoga studio that offered a couple of Yoga Flirt classes to a full-time Yoga Flirt studio. To help […]

Cathy’s Special Diet Plan

Nov 04, 2013 • (0) Comments

The season of eating is upon us….extra delicious foods and treats abound from Halloween through the New Year and sometimes ’til Superbowl and Valentine’s Day. I thought this was the perfect time to answer a question I get asked rather often, which is 1. “Are you on a special diet?” Or 2.”What do you eat?” […]

Hello? Connect the dots!

Oct 03, 2013 • (0) Comments

The Universe, God, Higher Power of your understanding, speaks to you frequently – just not in the way you think or expect. God does not manifest before your eyes all biblical with flowing white robes and angelic voices singing, “Aaaaahhhhhh”. The Universe does not send a personal messenger who says, “I command you to do […]

A Really Juicy Conversation

Sep 26, 2013 • (0) Comments

“I can tell you this, it (Yoga Flirt) is defiantly not yoga.” Occasionally I get comments such as this and quite frankly I welcome and invite them. They provide me with a wonderful opportunity to clarify and find new ways to express how Yoga Flirt is a yoga practice. I was so delighted by this […]

Conception, Labor and Delivery

Sep 23, 2013 • (2) Comments

Once upon a time, back in 2007, I opened a little one room yoga studio called Yoga in the Vines. On the walls of that studio were some black and white posters with a grid of pictures showing average looking practitioners in common poses. I loved those posters because they were inspiring and showed poses […]

Don’t Judge Me

Sep 03, 2013 • (0) Comments

I love shiny/sparkly nail polish, pretty much all things pink with hearts or leopard print, my vast collection of pajamas that I wear anytime I’m not in public, So You Think You Can Dance, and dark chocolate every day before bed. Like most people, lately I would then utter the phrase: Don’t judge me. When […]

(Mostly) Wordless Inspiration

Aug 09, 2013 • (2) Comments

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She Calls it Slut Yoga

Aug 01, 2013 • (3) Comments

I heard from a reliable source that there is a female yoga instructor in my local community who refers to Yoga Flirt as Slut Yoga. (Please note that this was not directly said to me, but I trust the person who related the story.) As far as I know, this yogini has never been to […]

An Open Letter to the Flirts

Jul 22, 2013 • (4) Comments

Dear Flirt Sister, I love you. Today is Guru Purnima, most simply put a day to honor and celebrate your teacher and your teacher’s teachers. When I taught elementary school I used to tell my students that their mother was their first teacher. It is true that many are teachers who do not have the […]

Compassion Part 2

Jul 09, 2013 • (2) Comments

Did you know that when you are practicing compassion you are practicing yoga? It’s true! If you practice compassion you are a yogi. There are many ancient texts on the practice of yoga, the one I refer to most often is the Yoga Sutras. Most people consider the physical (asana) practice of yoga the only […]

This one starts with you…

Jul 02, 2013 • (2) Comments

I have all of these wonderful, insightful, interesting stories swirling through my head about July’s word of the month. I just can’t seem to figure out where to start, which leads me to go right to the heart of the word and it’s definition. Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to […]

Cell Phones Vs. The Present Moment

Jun 18, 2013 • (0) Comments

And the winner is….. Both. For Real. Let me explain how I came to this conclusion. A while back on Facebook I saw a meme of a woman walking on a beautiful path through some pretty green trees, looking at her cell phone. The caption was along the lines of “Too bad you’re missing all […]