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May 13, 2010 • (0) Comments

One of the most valuable yoga instructors I’ve ever had was a man named Vince. He taught me numerous lessons that had nothing to do with the external experience of the poses. You may even hear some of his phrases in my class like, “You’ve got nothing to do and no where to go…” The […]

An Ugly Duckling?

May 05, 2010 • (0) Comments

Watch this right now: Dove Evolution Sigh. Seriously? This video says so much, it speaks for itself. We spend billions, yes billions, of dollars trying to emulate something that isn’t even real. I once had a conversation with a woman who was in Playboy. She found the whole thing ridiculous because the finished photos didn’t […]

Yoga Sutras 101

Apr 20, 2010 • (2) Comments

In my last post I briefly mentioned the Yoga Sutras without explaining what they are. Here is a simple explanation of them, what they’re for, and how to use/understand them. The word Sutra literally means thread. The almost 200 Sutras weave together to form the blanket of yoga, which we can wrap around ourselves anytime […]

38 1/2, honestly

Apr 14, 2010 • (3) Comments

Remember when you were little and when asked your age the response was 8 1/2? The 1/2 was so important. It meant you were getting older, wiser, better. Somewhere along the way we start leaving out the 1/2 or 3/4, the eager anticipation of the next year, a new age and the exciting experiences it […]

Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Apr 07, 2010 • (2) Comments

I just finished re-reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It is a wonderfully rich tale with lots of food for thought and I could have lots of discussions about this book. And I probably will over time. If you haven’t read this book, I would definitely recommend it. What’s on my mind today is […]

Just Walk Away

Mar 31, 2010 • (0) Comments

Life sends us signals and signs all the time. Its our job to listen and trust even when we’re not sure where those signals and signs are sending us. This morning is a great example of me not listening….sigh. Live and learn and try again. Listen and trust even when we’re not sure where those […]

Wampus Day

Mar 23, 2010 • (0) Comments

I recently made a decision that Tuesday is my Wampus Day. For those of you unfamiliar with the term wampus side, it is a loving way of referring to our non-dominate side at Yoga Flirt. We all have a stronger side, a more flexible side, and one that is less so. Doing movement on the […]

Let’s Celebrate!

Mar 16, 2010 • (1) Comments

Its rare that I quote Gandhi. He has a beautiful message, but I think he get quoted a lot and most of us are familiar with he quotes. Especially one of the most commonly repeated quotes, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” That quote has been on my mind […]

Oh So Clever

Mar 09, 2010 • (7) Comments

I don’t watch a lot of movies and can count on one hand with fingers left over how many times I went to see a movie at the theater last year. So when the Oscar awards come around, I don’t have much of an idea about who or what has been nominated. But, I do like to turn the program on and look at all the fabulous dresses and I enjoy the portion of the program where they remember those who have passed away.

I managed to turn on the Oscars just as they were beginning this year. And I turned them off before I got to see any pretty dresses. I was completely dismayed at the opening comments and chose not to participate in watching a program meant to be a celebration of the accomplishments of its members that was rather one long “witty barb”.

Cathy Weiss MA,Ed., E-RYT 500, Queen Flirt

Dec 30, 2009 • (0) Comments

Cathy Weiss’ passion is to empower women with a new found sense of who they truly are. She created Yoga Flirt as a non-competitive environment to allow each woman’s style to shine. Cathy’s students experience higher self-esteem, renewed confidence, reinvigorated sensuality, and more fun in their lives. Her patient and encouraging instruction allows students to […]

Bree – Flirt Princess

Dec 30, 2009 • (0) Comments

Age:23 Occupation other than YF instructor: Waitress Live with: My dad and brother Pets?:none Astrological sign: Sagittarius Favorite time of day: afternoon I first tried pole dancing/fitness in: (month & or year)October 2012 because:I wanted to try something new and outside my comfort zone. I keep coming back because:Yoga Flirt makes me so excited and […]

Kayli – Flirt Princess

Dec 30, 2009 • (0) Comments

Age:23 Occupation other than YF instructor: Agribusiness student at Cal Poly Live with:Myself Pets?:none right now Astrological sign:Capricorn Favorite time of day:When my head hits my pillow at night I first tried pole dancing/fitness in: 2010 because: it sounded like a fun way to get strong and do something exciting I keep coming back because:Yoga […]