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14 Years in the Making

Oct 25, 2010 • (0) Comments

So this little number here to the left is called Peacock Pose. It is certainly not simple and not one to just go try for the heck of it. You’ve got to be pretty warmed up in all the right places, so please do go dashing off to give it a go just because you’re […]

Becomming Weightless

Sep 30, 2010 • (0) Comments

I read this quote in a magazine this morning: “Nothing about you has any weight. You don’t realize that you are weighted down all the time by yourself, and your organs, and your head.” While the author was referring to the effects of gravity, I found this quote to be beautifully metaphorical. “…you are weighted […]

Zombie Strippers

Sep 27, 2010 • (2) Comments

In July of 2009, the middle of summer, Happy Hubby and I were doing a little afternoon channel surfing and we stumbled across a movie called Zombie Strippers. The title grabbed our attention in a “No way!” sort of way, so of course we had to check it out. That lasted about 90 seconds. It […]

Cat on a Pillow

Sep 15, 2010 • (1) Comments

This morning I was looking at one of our cats, Moxie, sitting on a puffy pillow. He was serene, calm and looking pretty darn content. Then he shifted his weight just a little and began to roll off in a way that looked like he would come crashing down onto the table where the pillow […]

The greatest gift…

Aug 26, 2010 • (2) Comments

…yoga and Yoga Flirt gives you is yourself. Yesterday I had my first live interview on the radio and it was a blast! An absolutely enjoyable moment from beginning to end. I was never once nervous, before, during or after. I felt 100% confident that I did a great job and even enjoyed listening to […]

Too Old to Pole Dance

Aug 05, 2010 • (6) Comments

As women we often put self imposed limitations on ourselves. I’m too ___, I could never ___, I can’t___. One of the most frequent self-imposed limitations that I hear from women about Yoga Flirt is that they are too old to pole dance, too old to experience the power and strength of their own body, […]

It’s Magic

Jul 23, 2010 • (2) Comments

When I first created Yoga Flirt I set out to create a yogic experience that combined and integrated pole fitness. It was meant to be fun but offer something more with the direct teachings of yoga. So all of my effort and energy has been focused on the yogic expression in pole fitness. What delights […]

My Dog Ate My Homework

Jul 08, 2010 • (1) Comments

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 14 years now and have used every excuse possible to not take class. Here is a partial list of reason’s why I choose to skip class or practicing on my own: ~it’s too cold ~it’s too hot ~it’s dark out ~it’s a bright sunny day ~I’m too tired ~I’m […]

More on Competition

Jun 25, 2010 • (2) Comments

In my last blog “It’s all about…” I mentioned that yoga is not a competition. Much easier said than done. I think we go through phases in our yoga practice, one of which is the competition phase. Here’s what I mean and what I’ve done in the past. When in class it was absolutely my […]

It’s all about…

Jun 21, 2010 • (2) Comments

One of the things I love most about yoga is that it is known as a practice, as in yoga practice. Not yoga performance, not yoga perfection, and most certainly not yoga competition. Each time we come to our mats or the poles, we are there just to practice. We practice our moves, our dance, […]


Jun 04, 2010 • (3) Comments

When I was a little girl I had a sticker book. I loved it, I could put all my stickers in there and enjoy them whenever I wanted. I had all kinds of stickers…sparkly ones, puffy ones, smelly ones, cute ones, etc. I’m not really sure what it was, but I just loved having stickers. […]

It’s the Best!

May 21, 2010 • (2) Comments

Meditation is the best thing you can do for yourself. It can also be one of the most difficult things you can do for yourself! I’ll start with the good stuff first. Meditation has a long history and the first written records of it date back to about 1500 BCE. What is meditation exactly? Simply […]